What is Inhale Yoga Grow?


Inhale Yoga Grow is part of Inhale Yoga but on the business side of either owning your own yoga studio or going out on your own as a business owner/Independent Yogi

(small business help/advisor / consultant)

With the encouragement of a few close friends, I decided to bring what I know in keeping a business like yoga going.

Consulting/ Advisor.


Many times yogi's think it's very easy to open up a business, which it is, but it is also being able to maintain it both financially and mentally.

I have over 25+ years of management and executive assistant experience from running a small business to

running multi-million dollar unit a year stores.

I've worn many hats over the years in those business and used my skills to open Inhale Yoga and maintain it. 


Inhale Yoga is not my first business. 

My husband and I co-owned and operated another small business many years ago.



What do I know?


I have worked for business in shutdown or close to shutdown, I have brought up struggling retail business within a years time having them gain profit and more.

I've had my fair share of a full staff quitting on you to firing a full staff and rehiring new. 

It's work.

You will work. 

You have to want it bad enough to want to make it work.


What do I get from it?

I love seeing people succeed or help them realize their passion (or if it should be elsewhere).

I will show you where your skills and talents are as a business owner (this is not just yoga) and / or where to utilize your skills

in staff management or managing your self as well as help you with limited financial advice.

( I will guide you to those who specialize in that field as well as legal).

What you will get is a business that can self sustain itself.

(results vary on the dedication & determination of the client)

Only YOU can guarantee what will succeed in your life, not me.

Consulting Fees:

Consulting services: $100 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Contact Ruth for an Appointment.



Please leave a voicemail message and calls are returned in the order received. 

Inhale Yoga LLC is located at: 6931 Commons Plaza, Chesterfield, VA 23832

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