Reflection Sunday

I have at least one day a week that I go into serious reflection (meditation) of my life. No joke. I've done this for years. It helps me keep in perspective, my life. I need that time alone. I crave that time alone.

Why bring this up today?

Today, in my Facebook Mindfulness Challenge Group is my most favorite topic: Gratitude.

It is what sparks my deep reflection most of the time. Each day I am grateful..... but at least once a week I take it deep within my soul. I really like to get to the point of my reflection that I feel it inside of body. It brings this nice warmth to my body.

I often wonder how many people actually take the time to be seriously grateful for life, what they have, what they have earned or achieved.

Would that make us all different if more people did this? It changed me.

Take nothing for granted.

What was given can be taken away at a moments notice. If you think about it, what is really ours? We came in this world with nothing and we go out with nothing.

Happy Sunday everyone.

#reflection #meditation #gratitude

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