Enlightenment in the Winds of Change

Sometimes when the wind blows, life changes.

It can change quickly or it can change very slowly. Life changes us.

Enlightenment can happen in a moments notice, it's like a light going off in your head and saying "Oh Yea".

Then normally following with, 'why didn't I realize this sooner?' while having this sheepish grin on your face.

This weekend was just that for me. Sitting alone with Self and just feeling the wind blow on your face & body. Face to the sun, soaking up some much needed rays of Vitamin D. Deeply within feeling that wind blowing on your face and......it hits. Realization, the winds of change/ enlightenment! Sometimes we think, over think and knowing things are sometimes better when we don't fight life and just allow. Allowing/letting go......the key to freeing the body, mind and soul. As the wind kept blowing around me, I released. I let it go and knew ....everything was going to be ok. More than ok!

Letting go....who would of thought I was holding so tight? I began my gratitude's.

I said to myself as the sun was on my face, everything I was so grateful for. Nothing was too small nor to big. I felt the release of even more. How can this be so easy? I practice it everyday. But......I wasn't fully letting go. I wasn't allowing as much as I could.

Lesson learned....for now, lol. We always will grow. We will need reminders often. They say we get the test first and then the lesson. Did I pass my test? I don't know to be honest, but I know I will be tested again....and again.

During still moments, I realized we still need to feel that release. Face to the sun or face to the clouds, in the morning hours or at night, just let it go. Somethings are not meant for us.

Have faith in your life. Find those winds of change even on the calmest days. Be the change you want to be.

Click on the "Change Yourself" photo below for music. Thankful by Josh Groban.

Music: Thankful, Josh Groban

Namaste _/\_

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