Taking it for Granted

How many people take things for granted?

Probably all of us.

We take for granted that people are going to be there, we take for granted someone's time, someone's feelings and pretty much everything.

If you have an outside job, you could take for granted policies not changing, you take for granted the pay check, you take for granted the little perks that come along with that job, etc. (yes that includes surfing the net, using the copier freely, etc)

But....how often do we sit and think about what we do and how it affects others? Or if we have to make decisions and we take for granted that the other will know why we are making those choices. As humans, we take each other for granted in so many ways it isn't funny. We get caught up in the me syndrome. It's all about me, me, me. Which honoring your Self is one thing but honoring yourself is another.

Taking for granted of someone's kindness. Knowing their time is just an important as yours. How about taking a thank you for granted. How many times someone will tell you thank you, and you feel it's just something nice they are saying. Maybe look at it differently. Maybe.....they REALLY do thank you. Each and every time you get a thank you, you can tell by how the tone of the voice is, the expressions or non expression, the look in their eyes, there is an openness in the heart of a person who says thank you and means it. If you get a thank you card or email, can you feel it's genuine? Can you get the sense of someone really thanking you for your presence? What if they can't verbally say it but show you in ways of gifts, cards, emails or other ways of expressing their gratitude towards you.

Do you do volunteer work? When you volunteer your time and you feel you are being taken for granted. Sit back and really look at why you are feeling that way. You are volunteering your time, that means you are giving of yourself, knowingly to someone or something. There should come a certain fulfillment with giving of our Self. Are you expecting some accolades? If so, you shouldn't be volunteering if you are wanting something in return. It's giving of your Self knowing that not everyone will thank you and you being ok with it. It comes from within. Giving of Self should not be a sacrifice. The giving feeds your heart/soul to depths you can't imagine. You do it to fulfill something within Self. You expect nothing in return since you ARE getting something back by your generous actions. If you are expecting something for your volunteer work, find a job that pays you your worth in that field and let someone else fill that volunteer role.

Take time today to appreciate someone who does something you take for granted.

When you give of Self, give freely, it really does come back to you ten fold. Instead of YOU wanting a thank you for your donated time, maybe thank them for giving you the opportunity to volunteer or donate your time. Places that need volunteers love to hear their volunteers appreciate them as well . Sometimes volunteers are what keeps a business going. It's the flip side of the coin. You can also make friends, new friends, other volunteers who donate their time. You learn new skills in your field or a new field. Your rewards can be endless.

When was the last time you sincerely thanked someone for an opportunity? For them to spend their time teaching you to learn a skill or to fine tune it. Those skills you learn are skills in which you will and can be one day paid to do.

Give freely of Self. The rewards are endless.

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