Is it Yoga or a Trendy 'Yoga'?

I'm going to start out by saying this is a blog since this can be a hot topic.

My opinion.

It might not be how you feel and we are certainly entitled to feel however we want about anything.

This is what keeps life interesting.

With that said, I finished the other day with some continuing education. I am pretty much open to learning about anything yoga.

I rated this course and gave it a low score for many reasons, one being not able to see the instructor, the instructor didn't give any instruction on how to get into or out of the pose. All you saw was the front view or the top of his head. He contacted me and I expressed my views. (read more below)

This was a trendy yoga.

Meaning, not traditional, a new type of yoga, like Barre (ballet & yoga), Hot (room temps are 95-108 degrees), Christian, Bible, (both quote scriptures) Goat (comments below), AquaYoga (water), Pilo (Pilates & Yoga), Ariel Yoga (or Anti-gravity yoga, combines said traditional poses, Pilates & dance with use of silks or silk hammock), Acro-Yoga (mix of partner, trust & acrobatics) to name a few. (And yes, I typed goat. People take those courses to obtain certifications in teaching goat yoga)

Now before all of you teachers out there who teach those classes contact me...... again.....this is just MY opinion.

Write a blog and share yours there. (yes I get hate mail and leave your information so I can share it publicly)

There is my frustration. Trendy Yoga.

Everyone wanting to get into making money from:

a) the teachers in paying for certifications to teach this (yoga teachers do not make much money at all if any)

b) Students paying for an experience to take a class with a goat (for example)

c) Teachers combining and creating new types of 'yoga' with very little education or qualifications and selling it (since I bought that course)


If you want a ballet class, take a ballet class.

If you want to sit with goats, go find a farm and I'm pretty sure the farmer won't care you are sitting with his goats.

If you want to be in the water, take a swim class, a hot class, practice in the sun or wear some warmer clothes, Religion - go to church or take a religious class/course (which religion and yoga are two very different things) etc.

Yoga, this ancient art and science has been taken to so many levels. I guess in trying to make money, people got very inventive. Good for them, but what is more alarming is how people claim to be a professional and experienced and they are not. I took a course from a professional fitness trainer. Good Gravy it was awful! He finally messaged me back he was NOT a yoga professional. Wow an admission after many messages back and forth. Sure, you had 6 certifications but in the yoga world that doesn't mean anything.

I have over 3k hours of teaching. I began teaching in 2007 before I was even certified and YES you can do that. I have racked up many hours in teaching due to my life change in having the studio. I specialize in students with health concerns/issues. I read and LOVE anatomy. I practice it everyday.

Can I consider myself a doctor or do anything of that kind? NO! I am a yoga teacher. I can not diagnose or treat you, but I can show you movement.

Am I am physical therapist? No! I am a yoga therapist. I teach you how to do yoga safely with your physical concern/issue. I can work with your health care professional to keep you moving.

Those are professionals who are highly educated in those fields.

I am a yoga teacher.

I remember interviewing teachers for my studio before I opened and one applicant have three large filled binders of certifications. She proudly displayed them to me. I asked her which was the oldest binder, grabbed it and opened it up to a random page and asked her to tell me about this certification. She laughed and didn't know. Well known teacher associations (meaning a teacher registry list) require you to have so many hours of new education which means certifications. That also means teachers will take almost anything to meet their requirements to have some initials behind their name which means they are on this list. Does it mean they are qualified to teach? means they took the class or was present at the event, was quizzed on the material and 'earned' (after paying a lot of money, some times it's in the thousands of dollars for education) for their certification. (now if you learned goat anatomy I might give you credit for that) I don't use those specific initials, mine is written out since I'm not belonging to that registry)

In all fairness, I do teach a few trendy types of yoga due to the health benefits. Restorative, Chair & Yin. Yes, I use to teach power yoga and on occasion, I still do.

Being owner and operator of a yoga studio, I am always being asked about my qualifications. I want to share something with you, I have earned everything. I have learned about owning and operating a business (with over 30 years management & professional services from bookkeeping to customer service and I used to have a business with my husband years ago) to yoga. I did lots of karma yoga (unpaid) to gain experience, knowledge and wisdom. My very first student had a bad knee. I had to figure it out. Back then, the internet was new, nothing was out there book wise, and my learning began.

This takes me back to the beginning part of this blog. Trendy Yoga. If it makes YOU happy, take the class, get the certification, etc.

Yoga is taught with passion, the love of movement in and with the body. This is just my opinion and do what brings you peace of mind and calms your soul even if its doing yoga with goats. If you want it for a physical outlet, do it.

Teachers: learn yoga philosophy, anatomy or kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movement), yoga sutras (principals or basic teachings), Bring to the students information they can use. Or, become a farmer and raise goats! lol

Who really cares what I think? Everyone has an opinion.

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