Today is the 2 year anniversary date for the opening of the Inhale Yoga Studio. For some, this is just another day, for me this is a turning point in my life.

For those of you who don't know me, I am a deep thinker. I love not only how the body works but the mind. I wonder where thoughts come from and how they affect & manifest within us, etc. Today, my thoughts are on pure gratitude for this choice I made in my life over two years ago.

As hard as it is to believe, I never set out to open a studio. I never saw any of this coming. But as my life had it, it had bigger plans for me than me teaching at random studio's or anywhere I could.

A huge THANK YOU to those that rejected me!!

The studio gave me my yoga home.

I have heard many complaints over the years being involved in the manager/teacher side and I created a studio where your voice is heard on what types of classes I have, time availability, workshops, reiki, etc..

I listen to the words you say, social media messages, I read each email and respond back to the emails and voicemails left for me. You can meet with me in person, you have a face to the studio, an owner and operator.

The choices I make are reflections of what the community wants and have asked for.

The picture above is Ruth (red t-shirt), Karri Arthur and Nancy New. Nancy is the other teacher at Inhale Yoga.

Did you know this studio was community opened?

After a studio in Chester (VA) closed (I am 4 miles down the road from the heart of Chester), I somehow got elected president to do this. LOL

All of the students that helped out can tell you exactly the walls they painted, they can tell you they hauled many truck loads of trash out, they can tell you they scrubbed the studio until it shined, unboxed and unwrapped many supplies for me, etc.. They were so exited to get me up and going..... we opened in three weeks. I had so much help that we easily got it all done.

This showed me how much of the community wanted me to go forward in opening a studio. Even after going through the motions of getting the space, preparing, etc. I still couldn't believe this was happening. Remember, I had no plans on opening a yoga studio. I laugh now and saw it was always in my cards.

Inhale Yoga has grown by leaps and bounds over the last two years.

Students find a place where they can talk when something is on their mind, sit and be still, make a new friend and catch-up with old friends. For everyone it's something different. Whatever the reason that brings you in, I am grateful for having you in my life.

Some do yoga for pure physical fitness, others practice it and incorporate a spiritual side, yet some it's for mental clarity. Each person has their own story, their own journey.

I have met hundreds of people and had the honor and privilege in teaching them at my studio and through volunteering.

One by one, old students find me, new students find me and we come together to practice this beautiful art of yoga. If you can breath, you can do yoga.

This picture was taken at my house where Inhale Yoga informally began. Pictured from left to right: Cheryl Hetrick, Debbie Allen, Nancy New, Ruth Dunkerly, Lucienne Cassinera-White and Kathy Moore behind Nancy. This was the first class taught.

Brian Dunkerly, (my hubby) is Chief Maintenance and Facilities Manager (good title huh?)

I sit here typing away and tears can come in seconds. It can be overwhelming to feel so much gratitude and deep appreciation for where life has taken me, for those I have met and the friends they have made. I take none of this for granted.

This little yoga community is growing monthly.

I thank my former employer(s) for they gave me tools in knowing what NOT to do and what to do in a running a business. Some have sharpened my skills greatly.

I thank those yoga studio's who rejected me, for this made me move forward.

I thank the students who followed me for years.

I thank my husband and students who help me take care of the studio .

I thank Nancy for teaching and being so wonderfully kind and loving to me and to the students.

I thank you for bringing referrals, new students and telling others about me. You help me grow.

I thank you for supporting the studio, some contribute financially and never come to a single class. They believe I what I am doing, sometimes we never meet.

I THANK YOU! I thank ALL of you.

I am humbled and filled full of much joy today.

I can not wait to see what the future has for us next. Only time will tell........


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