Happiness from Within

Can you say you are a happy person? Do you know of someone who is never happy? Does your happiness radiate from the inside (joy) to the outside?

What makes you happy? Really think about it.....what makes you happy ....INSIDE? Are you missing something in your life? Do you feel you are not seen nor heard? Now think about someone who you know personally that radiates happiness. How do you think they do it? Could they be missing something in their life also but just have the exterior of happiness? Sure..... but really true happiness is like this burst of joy that explodes inside of you and it just shines thru you like you are made of glass. There is no bursting that bubble ;)

At times when we are happy there can come along a person who can suck the happiness right out of you. Do you know why? They are not happy and can not handle your happiness.

Don't give your happiness away. Keep it, understand they are either not feeling well mentally or physically, had some bad news or just can't seem to find their happiness. But don't let yours go.

These are choices we make in an instant. But the choice we made to give it away can change us all day long. We might not sleep well at night, we might not make the best food choices or we might take on this funk that we can't shake.

These are choices we make. Happiness comes from within. You can sympathize with someone whole heartedly but it doesn't mean it's yours to take on. You can be respectful of someone who is not happy and going thru a rough time when you are in their presence but why carry it with you all day? When consoling someone empathy is an amazing quality.

Now let's put the shoe on the other foot. What if you are the person who is perpetually in an unhappy place? Why put your sadness/misery/anger whatever emotion you want to call it on someone else? Some say it's because you want others to feel how bad you feel. Until you know they are miserable, then you stop... you want them to know how bad you feel. Sometimes we do this and we don't realize it because we are wrapped up in our own unhappiness. Other times we do realize it and want to lash out on the world. What does this solve?

What can you do to find happiness and joy in your life? This IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Well, maybe find someone you trust and talk it out. Let them know what you are doing so they know how to handle a lot of negative emotion being released. You can journal, find professional help or a counselor thru a religious organization or community group.

It's NOT up to others to make you happy, this is your job. Remember you are not a tree.... you can move. If you can change the environment around you, do it. Change is not always easy but most of the time it is necessary to do it to get to your happy place within.

What changes can you make to bring small bits of happiness come back into your life? Start slow then as change happens you will know what to do in order to remain happy or happier.

Food for thought: Have you been unfair to someone by putting your unhappiness on them? Have you left people out of your life because you just can't seem to understand how it all fits together? Could it be time to make it right with them?

It might be humbling to seek out compassion from others when we are hurting but the first step is sometimes the best step you can ever take. If you put it on someone whether it intentionally or accidentally, make it right. They deserve to be happy too.

What you put out comes back to you. Give happiness and it comes back. Give understanding and it comes back. Give kindness and you get it back....and the list goes on.

Everyday gives us a chance to restart & rethink about who we are. We don't need a Monday or a beginning of a new month in order to make a change. Start now!!! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Namaste _/\_

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