Happy 4th of July!

The past few days I watched pelicans on piers in the Chesapeake Bay for my morning meditation. I watched as the other birds knew those pelicans had first take on the piers, then the cormorants, the sea gulls and then the sand pipers. (hopefully I didn't mess up the bird species to bad, lol)

No one messed with the pelicans. They had total dominance over those piers. They sat majestically watching over the bay. The sea gulls and sand pipers fought & screeched over territory. No one bothered the pelican, didn't even try. If a pelican came along and wanted that pier, the bird flew away in a heart beat.

It makes you wonder, or it made me wonder how life for people can be just the same.....the same as birds.

How often do we give our power away to people who assert dominance over us? Or is there a silent reverence towards those who you respect?

Respect I feel is earned. Being angry or loud doesn't get us anywhere (like in the bird kingdom - you still have to move/leave). The pelicans know.

There seemed to be a respect given to them and no one challenged them for any reason. (Understood in the animal kingdom you could have your life one moment and.....well not the next).

This power is a silent and strong. Nothing arrogant, nor loud. A silent, respectful presence. Nothing shook those pelicans, but how often can we get shaken by a loud person? We give our power away so easily and wonder why sometimes no respect is given to us. We gave it away!!! We flew!! A strong person can be kind, loving and yet possess a certain ....leadership quality about them. It's why they are a leader. (Yes, there are many types of leaders and we can save that for another blog.) But the good thing about flying away is that sometimes we can change our view. We take flight and soar over situations with great thought/debate.

We can come and sit back on our pier with a clearer vision. A leader knows when to take flight, a leader knows when to move past a situation or an event that no longer serves them, a leader can lead, giving their tribe more.

When we really sit and think about life in the human world, do we give our Self away to those who are loud (this also includes passive aggressive types) or can we be like a pelican?

A leader will bring out the qualities in their people. They build their tribe with earned respect. They step forward in unfairness or harm to protect. In some way, shape or form we are all leaders. We can lead through home, school, through church or social organizations/events, at work, etc. Our family, friends, coworkers each are leaders. We work together as a tribe or as in the pelican kingdom, a pod, pouch, scoop and squadron. We each have this certain thing we bring to the tribe that we are good at, and together we create ....oneness.

Can we be honest about giving our respect away to those who do not deserve it? Can we begin to think about where we can make a change to be more like the pelican? How can we be kind and loving in making those changes happen?

On the last day of my camping trip , I went out and watched again ....those pelicans. I found it almost funny as they sat there , never once making a noise, just picking the pier they wanted and the other birds flying away and fighting over whatever was left. The pelicans never moved while the other birds never seemed happy going from one pier to another that was open or to the netting in between.

Find your pier.


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