This is a scary for word for some. At times, I'm not going to kid you, it can scare me too.

Change is necessary in order for us not to remain stagnant in life.

On windy days, I like to call it 'The Winds of Change', rain bring changes, I like to say 'it washes away all of the gunk we don't need'.

We want change, we need change but we usually like it on our own terms.

Life isn't like that.

It gives it to us when it feels we are ready's always at the most difficult times.

Life gives us what we need for the evolution of our souls.

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” ― Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

Things come and go from our life. New things can be scary and it is our choice on how we handle it.

When we feel what is a negative change, it can turn actually out to be a blessing. It's trying to find the joy in change. You can argue all you want about tragedies, but change had to happen. Tragedies bite, they can be heart wrenching at times. When going through it, we are taken to the core of our being. Being barely able to breathe, let alone open our eyes on a new day.

The joy is, where we were given another day.


It's finding the joy in making something wrong or our perception of wrong to right or a different view.

Yet at times we have to realize that some changes are not for us.

They are for that person/company/business going through it.

We just happen to love or care (or not) about them and get emotionally involved.

Those changes are for them, the evolution of their soul and being. We can support and love them (or not), let them know they are not alone, BUT it is not for us to take on.

Kind inspiring words, books, cards or thoughts can help.

Help others with their chores, volunteer some place that is helping folks of the similar situation.

We can be active in helping others through their change, but to take it on..... is not ours.

No one is ever alone, and if we are by Self, alone is a quiet time to get our thoughts together.

I have always looked at it, I am never alone, there is Me, Myself and I, all three of us make me whole. Remaining positive and deciding the next step for Self.

Need someone to talk to? Reach out. People are always there to talk to, to bring comfort to you or someone else. Unless you know you can pull yourself out of something like a funk, reach out to others and let others help you. It is our nature to want to help others. It's one of our soul's purpose. We come together always in times of need and even if your need is just to have someone there reach out, get to a yoga/fitness class, a church service, your doctors office, get your massage, whatever it is....ask & reach.

There are online prayer groups, gathering places, etc. (

Sometimes, being alone leaves us with just our thoughts and....they can be scary. Monks go off on retreats for years, an intimate way of deepening powers of concentration and insight. They are alone with their thoughts, by themselves. They work through it and teach us.

If a belief is a thought you keep thinking, then what don't we change our thoughts?

Ahhhhh more change again.

See change is going to happen and it comes with taking a chance at life.

Start small.


Is change happening for you now?

Is this really yours?

How can you make it better for your Self?

Or can we be like ducks and let it roll off of our back?

Oh the choices we have.........


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