Alone Time

Some people dread being alone, they hate having silence.

Alone & Silence, those two in combination can drive people nuts.


It's being alone with thought, that within itself can be disturbing. It's having noise in the background to keep the mind from thinking or resting. Everyone has their own reason(s).

Me? I LOVE alone time. The Silence. It allows my head to clear, it allows me to filter through the noise in my head and let go of what I don't need. Does it work all of the time? Nope, that means I need more alone time! I'm not one for noise and loud sounds but realize we need them in our daily lives. As I have gotten older my sense of hearing has gotten more sensitive. I would rather listen to grass grow then music. I can tolerate noise to a certain degree. After days and days of sounds, there comes a time when I need to just sit and let my mind rest. I grant my Self that.

Some people call it meditation, some silent retreat. What ever you call it, it's alone time. I sit here now typing this with only the noise of me tapping on my laptop keys. I value this time. Remembering we only live in the present moment. We can't live in the past and the future isn't here like my silence.

Staring out into the abyss. Eyes looking at nothing special ....just out there. My eyes might catch a glimpse of something but I let the thought go and keep watching. It's the soft gaze of nothingness while listening to myself breathe. It's the calming, quiet and a soothing feeling of the body calming down.

When I teach meditation classes I watch the student's body either relax or begin to move. You can tell by facial expressions/body movement when they are into their meditation and who struggles. If you are one who struggles just know it's very common. Most people have a hard time getting into letting the body and mind rest. It's a practice just like yoga.

Now a word of warning: This alone or quiet time can give you answers to sometimes questions you may have about your life or life in general. It's like a filter. Once we quiet everything (and we'll pretend that's our filter) it allows the noise to stop and allows all of the good to flow in.

This is what I love about what I do. Well, just one of the reasons. In class that silence is a healing time. The body begins it's relaxation journey and through asana (poses), we can work that stress right on out in a gentle and effective way. Ok sometimes some poses can be challenging but yet highly effective in relieving the stress it's trying to hold onto. I watch as students come in, sometimes shoulders up to their ears, tight hips, etc. and by time we finish with class they are smiling and feeling better.

(Rumor had it they only come to class for the scented eye pillows at the end! * I just smile* )

Could those moments of silence be helping?

Is it the practice?

Is it being with others who come together in our yoga community to practice this beautiful art?

Or is it the time they need alone on their own mat to sit there and just allow themselves the freedom of letting go in a safe place?

Can you be alone with self for a few moments? An hour? Or a day? Can you walk around your home listening to no noise or drive some place with no noise in the car? Can we give our Self that time to heal the loudness we are sometimes so afraid of?

Only you know that answer.


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