Start each day with a grateful heart.

Good Morning Gratitude.

How many times have you woken up and thought: "why can't I stay in bed?" rather then....I'm so grateful for waking or Good Morning!

Our morning wakening and rising sets the tone for our day. We have 5 seconds before thoughts start to flood our minds with reasons to stay in bed or call off work or......

Every morning is different. There is nothing the same about any morning. Nothing. (no sunrise is the same) We want change but yet we refuse to make even the simplest change which can impact our whole day. Waking!

When you wake, put a smile on your face right away. You don't even have to mean it. Just do it. Say one thing you are grateful for before that 5 seconds and bring your body up out of bed within that 5 seconds.

What do you have to lose? Now, how about trying it for one week?

As you go about your morning, instead of planning your day (which will change probably many times in an hour) why not until you finish getting ready, think of things you are grateful for?

I am grateful for my volunteer work. I give of my time to bring yoga to others. It brings me joy. (remember joy comes from within while happiness is external) Do you volunteer? Maybe someone someplace can use your experience and will value it.

No time, how about leaving notes of gratitude for others in the morning?

Just a small note to your family saying you love them.

How about a coworker, a post it note with a big smile face on it.

A neighbor, leave them a post it on their windshield to have a good day.

Why not?

No one has to know, this is the fun of it.

The attitude of gratitude.

Fast forward to right before bed. We sometimes review our day before we fall asleep out of exhaustion. Why not before getting into bed, say one thing that you were grateful for in your whole day. How about that great lunch you ate, you got to see your favorite person or pet today, coffee, your favorite song that played , anything.....then go ahead and lay down to rest.

However you do it, going to bed and being grateful and waking to gratitude can be life altering.

Something so simple.

Gratitude invites more gratitude into your life.

Do you remember hearing : "Don't go to bed angry" .....why?

You wake angry.

Go to bed grateful and wake grateful.

Want to start a challenge?

Join Ruth for a 21 Day Gratitude Challenge starting August 11. This does require homework and supplies.

You can: Join Ruth on Facebook in her Inhale Yoga Ruth Mindfulness Project closed group. (look for the Inhale Yoga logo)


Email Ruth: subject line: 21 Days of Gratitude


~21 stamps (or half in post it notes, half in stamps)

~stationary or 21 cards

~a journal or notebook (nothing online, must be written out)

~the willingness to do it

There is work everyday to do. This is a fun project and it lasts only until the end of August.

Once you start you can have lots of fun with finding things to be grateful for.









and remember......

Start each day with a grateful heart!


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