Breathing Space

Breathing space.

The meanings could be endless.

What meant freer breath.

What meant a release in your back or somewhere in your body.

what if meant to be freer of body, mind & soul.

what meant letting go of negativity.

What are you ready and willing to do to obtain some breathing space in your life?

In your body?

In your mind?

Can you allow yourself to take a big breath in and it not hurt? Within the mind, not hurting within the ribcage/body? Afraid to breath? Afraid to let go? How can you give yourself some breathing space?

Several things brought this to my mind over the past few days. Students bring inspiration to my life in so many ways. Teaching students how to breathe. We fill our body, mind and soul with everything else but breath. We fill it with stress, with anxiety, with nervousness, with fright....with any negative emotion but allowing or letting go. We deprive our self of happiness and joy, from smiling or showing emotion.

If we hold our breath when we balance we think we can stay in the pose longer. Holding our breath stops movement in the body when you are trying to balance (or does it?). We hold it. But what if you allowed yourself the chance to experience falling out of the pose? The floor will catch you! Allowing yourself to breathe it all in? Could you? Would you? Are you willing to relax into a balance pose? How about in your breath?

Imagine what it would feel like to become freer.

This also means it changes who we are.

We become what we think about.

Can you let it go to breathe? Do you want to change?

Because if you let it go, that means it's not our story any longer. Life takes on a new meaning.

How much is breathing important to you? Is it enough to become someone new?

Is there a new story(of your life) that you can write

just so you can breathe?

Can you transform your breathing space one breath at a time?

Fall is coming up, even the trees let go of the old.

We all want to transform our lives, our bodies and mind.

But in transformation, we need to be willing to let go and fly.

Maybe it's trying to breathe in the harder poses, maybe it's allowing the stress of others to remain theirs and you not take it on.

Just thinking about it can help you breathe freer. Action then needs to be applied.

These are all things we need to do our self. No one can make us breathe. Each breath we take is as just as important from the previous breath. Do not deny your self breath. That IS finding that breathing space.

Learn how to breathe again. Teach yourself, buy a book, go to a class, any class that teaches breathing, take a private class, learn to free the breath because sometimes the breath represents MORE then just breath.


Breathing Space

can be transforming

as long as you let it.

Namaste _/\_

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