Changing Seasons

It's the end of August. We lived through the solar eclipse. Tress still have leaves on them. Parents and kids rushing to buy school supplies& getting ready for sports activities. Buses going on trial runs thru neighborhoods. The stores are filling with smells of fall, sights of the holidays and....we're still in August.

Now even though August is coming to a close, we are still in August. This is still summer. I use to count down the days (to the end of summer) but not anymore since Virginia summer's can last into the early fall months. I enjoy the hot sun (not the humidity) I love seeing plants in bloom, the smell of cut grass and the feel of sun on my face and arms.

For me, there is nothing like a summer day, a summer morning and that whole summer feeling.

Fresh foods at our fingertips with farmers markets almost everywhere.

Picnic's on the weekends, walks around the lake, long hours of daylight, bare foot in the grass, the list can go on and on.

We all have our favorite season. Some seasons we love more then others. Maybe because I was born in June. I don't know but I love summer.

Fall is about change. Changing leaves, the season from summer to fall, the air becomes of falling leaves and the feeling is just different. Fall is a time where you can sit down and make changes in life.(you actually can do that anytime). Some change is internal while other changes is external. if you're lucky enough you get both!

People move and begin anew for family or for job reasons. Change. We make new friends and invite new people into our lives. We need this sometimes. It breaks things up for us so we don't become stagnant in life. At times we can get comfortable. Too comfortable. We know we need to change but it's hard. Who said it was easy?

What if you take control of change before change takes control of you? Life happens. It just does. Does it mean we like it? Sometimes and sometimes not. All in all we are control and when we hesitate to make change, life has a way of making it for us when we are not ready. And we wonder what happened!

Starting something new like a yoga practice. It can be scary to walk into a yoga studio for the first time. You don't have a clue who anyone is, you are wondering 'what are they going to do to me?', the person next to you is stretching and you can't even to imagine putting your head to your knees, while on the other side of you is someone who is talking to you about their health concerns/needs and you are still wondering 'they are taking a yoga class?' Everyone seems friendly and yet you are still thinking if you are wearing the right thing.

The simple answer: Just show up.

Let your teacher take care of teaching you and addressing any of your health concerns, your focus is on you and your practice and the bendy person next to you becomes something of a distant past since now you are learning to breathe. The next thing you know, the class has ended. You lived through it and feel pretty darn good.

We have to start somewhere with change. All change has a beginning point. It begins with us, internally.

The fall season is perfect example. Those leaves started out as buds, opened to beautiful leaves, will turn color and then fall off the tree. With the seasons, they will continue. However they also has survived change. High winds, being hit with huge amounts of hail and rain, icy conditions, etc., and yet they make it through to open just as beautifully as they once did season after season.

What change will the fall season bring to you? Where are you willing to make changes before life has to make them for you? Scared? Sure, we all are. Some show it more then others, while some remain in the calmest sense embracing what comes before them.

Everyday we change. Everyday we do something that can bring about a different result.

Just know................ you are NOT alone.


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