Dignity & Judgement

It has been an eye opening week for me. Lots to process and it's only Tuesday!


Everyone has their own dignity/pride in some way shape or form.

Some hide their self worth and self respect.

I was getting ready for my weekend trip earlier today. I got behind a person at the grocery store who was fumbling in her purse for something. I put my things on the belt and as I was finishing up, I saw the cashier removing her items and giving this person a new total as each item was being removed. She began looking her purse again and I motioned & mouthed to the cashier 'does she not have the money?'. She shook her head no. I mouthed to the cashier I would pay for it.

As the cashier told the woman her groceries were paid for I saw that look in her eyes. She felt so overwhelmed, maybe a bit embarrassed but grateful. Lots of gratitude, blessed me and thanked me.

It was the right thing to do. Doing things to help others gives them hope that there are kind people in this world. Opening a door for someone, holding a mother's umbrella as it's pouring rain outside as she struggles to grab her child out of the back seat of the car or put them in.

Sure we get a little wet, our grocery budget just got blown but.....there is something that fills our soul as much as the people we help.

Judgement. How often do we make judgements on others? Maybe more then we know. In my studio as each person walks in I have no judgement. I can honestly say, I look at each with an open heart.


You don't know what someone has been through that day or is going through. What I find interesting is how often I am judged on how I look, not giving my teaching skills a chance.

As I was sitting with someone who was clearly sizing me up AND told me so boldly, I gained a new perspective on how people see me.

She described my physical appearance out loud to the detail.

(I know what I look like, I have my good days and bad just like everyone else)

She told me she doesn't look like me and didn't know if she could practice yoga.


I asked her why did she judge me?

YOU didn't want to be judged when you first walked in but found it ok to judge me since you felt you could?

How can one standard be ok for that person but yet not for someone else? Really? What am I missing here?

Judgement: the ability to make considered decisions . Interesting. If I would have judged that woman in front of me at the grocery store or ignored her and picked up a magazine to fumble through while she finished her transaction I would have missed an opportunity to give back in life. Isn't this is what the world is about?

Sometimes when we judge others we miss out on treasures in life. When we can't help others keep their dignity, how can we expect someone to help us?

It only takes a minute to be kind to people.

Happy Labor Day Everyone !


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