Giving it Away for Free.

Giving it away.

Those three little words can be taken in many different ways, as you read into this blog you will take away what you want and throw the rest away. That's just how life is. Our own perceptions, and our own ideas about what was said. The person who's doing the talking is expressing themselves as best as they can and it's up to us to decide how to interpret it. With anything in life and this fall season is coming up soon, change happens.

It is clearly our perception on how we view these changes. When we give of ourselves a small piece of us goes with it. At times, we expect something in return and sometimes not. But what we need to learn as when we give something away or you give of your time that you're doing it with the purest of heart. As I volunteer my time I have clear instructions on what is to be expected of me and the rules I need to follow.

You just don't go and do your own thing and leave.

There are rules of the establishment, rules of the supervisor and or person in charge.

Paperwork sometimes needs to be filled out and or filed.

You're still are made accountable for your actions volunteering or not.

When you give of yourself never take it for granted what you are doing.

The day I expect something in return when I volunteer is the day I should stop volunteering.

It comes with the love and the passion for what I do and what I'm trying to bring to the community.

When you give it away expect nothing in return. It comes back to you and this is something I don't worry about either (it coming back to me). It does in so many ways. I bring to them the same as if you paid for it.

Do the best you can do, always. Do you appreciate free?

How about those free video's or classes online or on YouTube? it takes time to make those, edit them and make them public. Sometimes we appreciate things for just that moment of it being free but really do not appreciate the hard work and the money it cost to give it away to somebody. We don't think about that. After all it's FREE, but maybe we should. Organizations/businesses trust you even when you're donating of your time or money it's even more important to be trustworthy in return. Sometimes we go and do whatever we want to do because we think we have that creative freedom, after all, we are donating OUR time. You can't do whatever you want unless....... It's making sure with the establishment that you're with that that creative freedom is allowed. There are standards to which we must all be accountable for even in volunteering. When somebody allows you to come to their business or organization to give of your time please make sure you honor what they are trying to provide to the community or organization. Expecting vast amounts of appreciation, to become a paid employee or acting like they OWE YOU are reasons not to volunteer.

If you at not a rule follower do your own thing.

Create you own workshop, find the space to hold the workshop or class you want and charge for it or ask for donations. Only then can you do your own thing.

Sometimes along our path in life we lose our creativity. We have a passion for what we do but then suddenly it starts diminishing in light. That's when we need to sit back and actually take a look at why were doing something.

Is it for the accolades of saying you volunteer?

Is it for the glory of putting your name with an organization just to say you're involved with it?

If so, then we have to have that 'come to Jesus moment' with ourselves and find out why we're really doing it.

It doesn't bring the same joy as when you do it from a place of love and passion from your heart and soul.

It just doesn't. Creativity is gone, you are grasping in how to create a session /class /workshop, pilfering from others to make it your own. People can tell when you are being genuine. You are only fooling your Self.

Why do that to your Self? Find Your Passion! Volunteers are plentiful, so there's always somebody who can replace you or they can do without.

Do things with a passion and you will have the best results.

Give it away,

however do it with Your heart and soul.

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