Some consider Monday the first day of the week, while others Sunday. Either way you look at it, it's a beginning. Add rain and more darkness as fall is approaching us and it's a recipe to want to stay in bed or move slower. Why?

As you all know I am a morning person, always have been. I love a good morning. The dawn of a new day, the air is cleaner, the fresh morning rain and sounds of nature at their best It's also a new beginning. Monday's are a great day to begin anew. It doesn't matter it's raining, or it's dark or whatever the's a morning!!

Some start their work week on a Monday. If you start a new job, it seems like it's on a Monday, projects are either due or begin on a Monday, etc.

Why not embrace a Monday?

Isn't it just a frame of mind?

Today, it's raining in my part of the world. To me this is symbolic of it washing away the gunk of the week, the day, etc. It starts the week off new. The air is cleaner, the plants get watered (hopefully it will rain longer then 30 minutes) and it's a beginning.

Where can you allow yourself to begin anew? What can you do in life or even in your yoga practice to allow yourself to be try something new? I'm not talking about harder asana's. I'm talking about concentrating on maybe breath work, maybe on allowing your self to get into your practice taking that competitive edge away. To immerse your Self in life.

Monday's are a good day to begin.

What new goals can you give your Self?

This is an inner journey.

Social media announcements are not necessary to begin anew.

This is a private mission of the body, mind & soul. Maybe tomorrow wake 10 minutes earlier. Maybe leave for work 10 minutes earlier to enjoy the drive, eat 10 minutes slower and just maybe meditate 10 minutes longer. The list can be endless.

What have you always wanted to do and never have done? Maybe today find out information on it in your area, call and visit to get that information, is fear holding you back? Some can say money is, why not start saving for it? Some great events take time and we appreciate it more when we worked hard to get it.

Ok Monday........................Let's Do This!

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