It's in the Air.

The holiday season is in the air. Whether we like it or not December is right around the corner.

A time for family get-togethers, food, parties, gift giving, spiritual belief's, decorating and childhood memories. (not to mention cold weather and snow) Brrrrr

The stores are filled with lots of gift giving idea's, food shows and social media showing how to make some wonderful gifts and different foods & treats.

Lights are being placed slowly everywhere you look from shopping centers to homes.

I like to think that the lights add brightness to the early darkness. I love the Christmas lights. A simple yet beautiful way to decorate anyplace.

The winter is a time where the days are so short, the darkness comes upon us earlier and earlier.

Then you see lights! A simple tree in someone's front yard, strings of lights outside on the windows and borders of houses being lit up on a dark night as you find your way home.

In this holiday season where can you bring light? Can you bring light to other's who do not do well during the holidays, can you help out a neighbor who can't decorate for various reasons and put up a door wreath for them, lights on their shrubs or a Christmas flag at their mailbox? Surprise someone ! Do a random act of kindness. It brings joy to the person you are doing it for and to Self.

It's in the air.

The holiday season of giving. But this year let's take it one step further, why not.....let it go past December and into the other months with helping out others, taking them cookies or dinner, bringing them a gift for no other reason then you care, drive them to church, sitting with someone, etc.

Many faiths celebrate during December. Learn about someone else's faith/spirituality.

November winds down and we are now in full swing of the Holiday's.

We are at year's end! What a great 2017 it has been!

This year:

~ Add a homemade gift

~Give a gift of your time

~ Make a promise to yourself to take care of Self. Start a new health program. Take a class on nutrition, etc.

~ Make the holiday's more about family and doing for other's

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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