Get your body moving!

I have seen many students over the years. All different backgrounds, health concerns and body types.

What I find interesting is students who have health concerns and want to get into the postures, but their body isn't ready to or can't. Why risk injury?

Yoga books and social media showing the 'right way' to get into some asana's/poses. What my challenge is to teach you these poses in a healthy manor. All bodies are not created equal! Some students have health concerns and until the healing is done AND the body is willing to move we need to take it slow.

I have had students not come back since I wouldn't adjust them. Teachers make choices based on what they see YOUR body doing. If your body doesn't look ready to get into some yoga poses why force it?

A good teacher will not rush the body and put it into a pose that it isn't ready for. The use of props and watching closely as that body moves to ensure the best practice possible for their students.

How can we tell? Experience. You get to know your students from how they walk in the door to how they sit down. You listen to them as they talk about their day or weekend. Teachers pay attention.

Like all bodies are not created equal, neither are teachers.

Teachers teach for various reasons.

We are everywhere. There are lots of wonderful teachers in our area and surrounding.

There is also a bond the student can feel with the teacher.

This is up to each person based on their experience.

What's the rush?

Your ego likes to step in and make demands on teachers and their own body's. Injury can reoccur and the student is blaming everyone else but themselves for their injury.


You are doing yoga, it's EVERY BODY PART!

You are using your whole entire body. Why give a contraindication for one certain part when everything is connected and anything can happen.

I, personally on occasion will specify a certain body part for the fact I know someone in class has this health concern. But let's face it, you are using your whole body and I do say that in class.

If it hurts don't do it.

Our bodies ARE amazing. They will tell us and give us warning signs and signals either before or when you are getting into a pose. Listen to it!

Our bodies are designed to move.

We are made with moveable body parts. When you don't move them aches, pains and stiffness sets in. (and more)

Get up and get moving!!

You will feel better. Worried about all I've talked about above? Don't. You can do anything and get hurt doing it. Life is a gamble just getting out of bed. You can fall out of bed and hurt yourself. You can brush your teeth and jam your toothbrush into your gums, you can spill hot coffee on yourself and the list can go on and on.

Fear not movement!!


See you in class!


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