Making a Difference

Where can you change your corner of the world?

During this holiday season our hearts are more open it seems. We donate to organizations, volunteer at church, schools, etc., and we just want to help out.

We collect money, food and toys for families in our community.

We seek out others who can use a helping hand in chores, mentoring, decorating or running errands.

Our hearts become fuller.

Remembering people who have touched our life, we send cards, holiday emails, bring gifts, we make amends with others - trying to make things right again.

With our ever changing lives if it takes a holiday to make changes, let's embrace it!

Forgive where you can.

Love a little bit more.

Find more joy in those small things.

Anything and everything can make a difference.

As 2017 comes to a close finish it with making a difference in your world. Leave 2017 knowing you made a difference or did the best you can!

Words alone can impact someone's life.

Everyone just wants to feel loved and accepted. We want to be part of a community that we are proud to live in.

What can you do? Can you leave 2017 knowing you did your best? Can you let things go that you can not change?

Only you know these answers.

Where can you change your corner of the world?


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