Use the good china!

It's almost that time of the year for many things: Christmas or any holiday you may celebrate - bringing out of the good china, the year's end, a new year and more new beginnings. Celebration & Changes.

As Christmas is approaching, the time for family becomes more important.

But....why isn't it as important to us during the other months? Why now?

Maybe the need for warmth as our hearts become fuller when it's colder outside.

We want heat and to snuggle with loved ones whether human or fur.

We seem to reflect a lot more during these times, reminiscing about old times when the kids were little, when we were younger, remembering of the holidays and/or loved ones of the past.

How many of us make it about the gifts?

We try to 'out do' last year or someone else in gift giving.

When the gift should come from the heart whether its a physical gift or a hug/feeling loved.

Could you go one holiday/Christmas without expecting or giving a gift?

We all want to be remembered by someone, but how about a nice card with words that your heart longs to read, time with your favorite person that you treasure more than the gift they give you and the list can go on and on.

We expect work to bestow more money on us, we expect gifts from others, to be remembered.

Wouldn't you want to be recognized all year around not just in December?

Could our priorities be a little mixed up?

Are we realistically expecting too much?

How can you give a meaningful gift?

What if one season that was all you had?

Your gifts had to come from the heart and cost next to nothing.

What would you do?

If it's time for when families gather, how more meaningful can you make it?

Where can we add more love to our own life?

What gift can we give our Self?

I'm not talking about a new car, jewelry or something you can buy, we might need to gain mental clarity,

to rest- if our lives are as busy as we say they are


to venture out of our comfort zone and make changes to our life .

How about using the good china?

How about getting out the 'good stuff' and use it not only for a 'special' occasion but just for the sake of a new day?

We forget that each day is special, we woke, we breathe, we live our lives to the hopefully fullest each and everyday.

Once this day is gone, it's gone, it's in the past.

Why not grab a drink of water out of your favorite crystal glass or put your dinner on the good china?

Celebrate your life as if each day was a day to use the good china/crystal.

Remember others like you would want to be remembered.

Show kindness like you want kindness shown to you.


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