One week into the new year

We have almost one full week under our belts into the new year and how about those resolutions/new promises we made?

We vow to change.

Something about us, the way we handle things, new friends, mending relationships, diets or doing something like working out or trying something new. happens and we quickly fall back into our old self only to promise yet again to move forward with our new resolution.

Why did it happen?

We took the easy road since it was something familiar.

Change isn't easy.

Familiar is....well...familiar.

It might not be as easy as we hoped but we knew it.

We vow each and every time to retry, and we should.

We shouldn't give up on ourselves that easy.

At one point we need to step up to the plate and just do it.

Don't eat that extra spoonful, call that person for coffee to start the relationship, join yoga or a gym, call a trainer, meet with someone in the health field but make any attempt to get back on track.

The good thing is: you can restart at ANY point in your life.

You can start this very moment you are reading this.

(come back to the blog...I'll wait for you)

Make that call, email that company / person or if you are snacking - is it the best thing? , throw it out or put it away.

We can't control our cravings but we can control our choices.

We can decide at any time of our day to just stop old behavior and start with some new choices.

I have had many new potential and new students meet with me this past week. I love their goals, the positive attitude in their beginning and trying something like yoga for the first time. I love the caring they are taking in getting themselves to a happy place in life.

People give up to easy.


Familiar is to quit or move on.

You have to give that something a fair chance.

You have to be responsible for your own part in learning.

There will be good days and bad days.

There will be days that no matter what anyone says to you it will hit you wrong.

I'm telling you it will be ok.

We can collectively come together and help build each other up.

Find a friend, reach out to someone and talk to anyone about a choice you want to make.

No one can make those choices for you except you.


Change isn't easy.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.





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