Obstacles & Hurdles

Every now and then life will throw in our way an obstacle or hurdle.

It can almost feel as if we have gotten beaten down, drained from life itself and then left on the side of the road to fend for ourselves.


A hurdle is a barrier which has to be passed, while an obstacle is a block in-between the task. Hurdles are used to stop something for a duration of time, while an obstacle you can go around, jump over or step on.

ref: WikiDif

January, when the holidays have passed things start to go back some sense of normalcy and.....life happens. Health, family issues, work, things start appearing as if out of the blue. If looking back we probably had some sort of clue life was going to happen to or for us. On the other hand, things will and can happen in a moments notice. Shocking us and removing something or someone from our lives. Is it fair? The age old question and no one will ever know the answer. I say, it just depends on your interpretation of the situation. Not everything has an answer and some things that happen are not meant for us but for someone else and we just caught up in that moment. Not everything is meant for us to understand. We learn and move forward with our life even if it's a snail's pace. The key is not to remain in a stagnant place. We need to keep moving, physically and mentally.

There are many groups out there you can find to help with life's obstacles & hurdles. If one group or place doesn't work for you- find another. We need to learn to reach out to others and trust that we can release what is on our heart and learn to let it go or just move forward with it. Counseling, therapy and support groups locally can give you incite on how to handle what you are experiencing.

Prefer to wok on this on our own? I hear ya, I'm that type of person. I love self help books, I can bury my nose in books all day learning from others past experiences. Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay to name a few. Second hand book shops will have many, sometimes even new looking books that people will read for a short period of time and get rid of. This is a great way of trying out those books and seeing if you want to explore more reading options by those authors.

What ever life has given to us, we can overcome those things that block us over time. (If you let them)

Keep moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other...



Inhale Yoga will be moving!

Stay tuned for further information on the website HOME page and/ or thru social media!

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