Well, well, well. I am given proof that sometimes we get in our OWN way in moving forward.

You see, we can't go backwards.

Everything is a forward action, there is a new day to prove it.

However, when those hurdles & obstacles (see last post) get in our way, we freeze. Stop dead in our tracks and sometimes we scratch our heads wondering what just happened. Day after day, we can have some road block(s).

Everyone goes through this. There is no one exempt from passing thru or around a block. This IS HOW WE LEARN.

What if....................we get in our own way? What if we are the blocks that prevent us from moving ahead?

I understand, you are thinking - no way! This happened to me, and that happened to me. Me, me, me! What about stepping aside and see it as unfolding to make room for more. After all, we all want more. But we sometimes have to have current things/events/life unfold or get dismantled in some way to break apart. This broken will shed away, unless you glue it back together.

Why glue it back together?

It's familiar.

We don't want to change. We ALL want it but we don't know how to handle it once given to us. Sounds almost silly doesn't it?

Life is like that. It gives us what we need for the evolution of our soul/ our life. We need to shed or experience life to gain knowledge, wisdom, compassion or just plain old experience from what has happened.

Now.....step aside. You could of had a bad week last week, but this is a new week. Yes things can filter over. But, get over it! Those things need an ending to move forward. Sometimes the ending takes a while to fully happen but let it happen.

How much do we take on others peoples experiences?

It wasn't ours to begin with, but we liked the drama it created and sucked our Self into it.

Step back.

A) it's not yours

B) this is someone's else's life lesson

C) be supportive without getting sucked into it.

How? Learn to remove your Self from it.

Listen, but don't get involved.


Now it's time to move forward. Make a new friend with your Self and move ahead, stepping out of our way.

As you all know, I am moving the studio here shortly.

I am excited and stepped in my own way last week.

Ego, pride, whatever you want to call it, I allowed my Self to be the road block.

What did I do? I remembered when I wore my red string. A symbol of letting go, protection in some cultures like the evil eye symbolism. I put my string on to remind me to step aside.

I got out of my own way. Like in yoga you surrender into the pose, I surrendered to the information I received, the experiences I had and I am moving forward.

I can't rush something that means so much to me. I can watch it unfold and joyfully have this new experience. I'm taking life with a new positive attitude, stepping out of my way and unfolding the new.

Find people who can help you. get their advice their wisdom. I am reaching out to wonderful old friends, helper who can guide me through life and allow me to enjoy more.

Where can you get out of your own way?


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