The New Inhale Yoga Studio is under construction.

The dumpster is in place and getting slowly filled up. (More pictures will be available soon on the website)

No date yet as to the new opening. Stay tuned!

A great agent, meetings & emails with construction (Thanks Vania F. & Tim R.) and students reminiscing about our first days, weeks and months at our current location. It's bitter sweet.

It was our first location.

Let's back up...three years ago.

(Inhale Yoga started in Ruth's living room ....accidentally)

We came together to practice yoga three times a week and then it happened one day.....

Time to consider and make it reality.....

A yoga studio.

Where has the time gone? It's been almost three years at this location. Over a 1000 students have come to Inhale Yoga.

The new studio space will welcome not only the current students, also the new.

Inhale Yoga has been at times a students first teacher, their first class.

It's always an honor and privilege to teach students.

Friendships happen.

You sit next to someone and you begin talking.......each class you both talk a little more and a friendship begins.

You come to class and see an old friend. You both reminisce.

As a teacher I also have rekindled friendships, mended old friendships and created new friendships.

People have no clue I teach yet alone own the studio.

Thanks to many students by telling others about Inhale Yoga via word of mouth & social media.

Some students come visiting and leave wonderful feedback for others to find Inhale Yoga.

I am so grateful!

Thank you!

You share these blogs and newsletters with others who might like yoga or try it, you let your health care professionals know about Inhale and they tell others.

I can't even begin to express how touched I am by your kindness and love you feel towards the studio and me.

We will make more memories at this new space, find new friends and rekindle old friends.

We are very lucky to come together to practice this thing ... called yoga!


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