Outside of the Box

A box. Usually four equal sides, a cube, square. Some solid, while others are hollow/moldable. Some boxes come in different sizes they are not always square. Can a round peg fit in a square hole? (trick question)

Yes it can. Everything just depends on the size and the wanting it to fit.

Are we all like a box?

Do we try to fit in?

Are we solid? Being solid doesn't allow us to mold and want to shape our life. Rigid thinking and not allowing much to change.

Are we hollow/moldable?

Able to bend and move into the shape? The willingness to reshape our Self in order to make change.

How willing are you to step outside of that box? Outside of the box is where it all happens.

We can mold to whatever life gives us, we can stay rigid in thinking or.....we can step outside the box and open up a whole new world. Fear is the major factor in seeing what it's like outside of that box.

If you feel safe and you feel like you don't need to step outside for anything, stay there. If life is good for you and you are happy. Remain happy, that's all I'm saying.

But, life just gave you a curve ball, a challenge, an obstacle, something that put a huge road block right in front of you and you haven't a clue how to even wake and breathe each and every moment, step outside of the box. Make that call to get help. Call a friend, a family member do something, a church, anything. Life will not change unless you allow it. You create your own life, your Self, your future.

There is always a well meaning person who you can ask for assistance in life. No one should or would make you do anything you do not want to do. They are there to guide you. It's always your choice.

Self help.

I'm a huge fan of the Self help section at book stores ( I LOVE book stores! We need more of them) Take your time and head over to the closest book store or used book store and find some information. Ask others what they read or do some online research and find out the experts in that field. Stepping outside of the box can mean grabbing your first self help book ever. There are many also online eBooks, which ever you choose you do have a choice in what direction you want to take.

The sun is guaranteed to rise again each and every day.

You can have a new beginning at any hour of any day.

You can hit restart at any moment and you do not have to wait for an occasion to begin new.

What are you waiting for?

Have your out grown the box you are in?

You can always fit into another box or are you willing to step outside of the box? Where life is a mystery, a challenge and full of surprises, goals and it's where dreams come true.

We are not getting any younger and it's never too late to start stepping outside of the box.

Reach your hand out......I'll grab it.


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