First Day of Spring

Does the first day of Spring mean anything to you? Getting closer to retirement? A baby coming in the family, or a wedding will take place, a new job or thinking about a new move? All of these questions and more. Now reflect back to the first of this new year. Are we on track or making baby steps towards something...anything?

Do we invite change or does change invite us? Life can 'drag' us along kicking and screaming. We got pulled in or invited into this change. Is it really ours? Or did you step into someone else's journey? Are you walking the steps of another person or are these steps really yours? Can you get out of way of someone else or has the drama of this person fueled you or the ego? Yikes!

We feel excluded. We will find our way into someone's life and it's not our journey. We get swept up in their choices and begin to 'stress' over their life. Isn't it their life? After all you do care, but shouldn't they be allowed to make their our choice like you make yours?

Whew.......what a thought! Us stepping away and just asking our Self is it really ours? How would we feel if someone was calling the shots in our life? (or strongly suggesting ideas)

The first day of Spring was yesterday, March 20, 2018. We welcomed the news of another pending nor'easter and now see it's really coming. The rain to sleet to now snow. Springtime? *sigh* Officially yes. It doesn't look or feel like it ~ does it?

Nature knows that sometimes it needs to slow down growth for us to appreciate it more. This can be one of those times. I appreciated the warm and sunny days from weeks ago. I longed for the sun and a glimpse of not wearing so many layers to stay warm. The idea of flip-flops and the sun hitting my face. Now, as I look out the window, I see white snow cascading over the tree tops, covering the cars and people walking outside wrapped up again. What if we needed to slow it down? We wanted Spring to rush and get here but even Mother Nature can make a change, she shows us everyday that we can't change her. We can't even to begin to ask her reasonably to bring us just the right amount of sun, warmth and perfect weather days. She gives us what we need when we need it. She shows us our journey having to leave for work early to making the time to sweep the snow off of the steps to helping out someone who ran into a ditch.

Isn't that what life is? It's at times, going with the ebb of life.

We can't fight with Mother Nature.

We might not agree but she always will get her way.

How is your life similar?

A force greater then us and we try hard to prepare or just head out since we know we have to be some place or see someone.

We need that cool down at some point and was getting a little heated and she had to cool us down.


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