Why don't we listen?


What does it mean?

You give your attention to someone speaking or to sound.

How often do we half listen?

You see someone or something out of the corner of your eye, someone walks by and it catches your attention or you change the subject, since whomever you are speaking to is getting lack luster in words?

You are just not there for them.

You are easily distracted.

Most of us half listen.

Unless your life or job depended on those words, those fine details to a story we don't listen all of the way. Our eyes loose their eyes or have not even met at all.

We had the best of intention to listen but got distracted.

We meant to be there but......we left at 'hi'.

They never had a chance.

Listening and being mindful in listening to others can open up a whole new world.

Sure an idea popped into our head and we feel the need to spill it out of our mouth before it leaves us.

What about who was talking?

As if their words meant nothing since we had an epiphany moment and had to share it quickly.

How do we feel when someone does it to us and then we loose our train of thought and never got to say what we originally meant to say?


If we feel we have something important to say, then others must also, don't you think?

A friend who comes to you and just wants to share and we solve their 'problem' which wasn't what they even wanted.

They just wanted to talk to get it off their chest and just have a human being to share it with.

If it happened to us ..the tables turn and we don't think to kindly of it once that person leaves us.

Inside we feel why did we even try.

We feel like there is no one out there who will listen to us.

Can you be a good friend to a family member, friend or coworker even a stranger and just listen?

Can we listen without judgement?

When was the last time we half listened?

Could we possibly listen to our kids, friends or whomever completely?

Have you ever tried it?

Do we really NEED to solve others problems, situations or disasters?

It really isn't ours but yet at times we feel the need to give wisdom.


They didn't ask us?

Don't we fully want to hear someone before speaking?

Can you fully be there for others?

Can we put aside 'knowing it all' to be present for that person?

How often do we listen within our Self?

We have that inner knowing on most things.

We say we knew this or that but why don't we listen to our self?

We are so quick with others but don't take our own advice.

When was the last time you had a good old fashioned conversation with yourself?

Yes, I'm talking about talking to your self out loud!

We can hear our Self speak, this is when we can get clarity.

It's not just rattling around in our heads and it stays there, we hear our Self speak out loud to hear those works.

At times, just talking out can lead to problem solving.

I, personally do my best work driving in the car (alone).

I just need to hear it come out of my mouth.

Sometimes its just a release of energy, like getting it out of your system and you can then go about your day.

It's out there, no blurting it out, no bad intent, it's been released.

Listen to your Self speak.

This week let's try to be present and listen to others.

Don't interrupt.

Loose that idea, that train of thought solving 'their' problem.

Rather, be that husband, wife, friend, coworker or neighbor to others that can listen.

How much could we be missing from others?


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