I Just Can't Decide.

I have started this blog so many times, changing my mind on the subject.

This blog will touch on ~ a little of this and a little of that.

Yoga Studio VS Fitness Center

I own and operate a yoga studio.

I offer yoga, reiki and meditation.

I am NOT a fitness center.

Fitness Centers can offer yoga or chair yoga along with other fitness/health related group activities.

Fitness Centers, Fitness Clubs can be called gyms .

Weights, ballistic balls, stepping, battle ropes, fitness drumming (Pound), etc are available at Fitness Centers, Fitness Clubs aka Gyms.

A yoga studio offers........yoga.

Next subject.


I feel lucky, truly blessed and honored to have the students I have.

The new students who find me for the first time, traveling students and students who have been with me for years.

I can't say it enough ~ that I feel like I hit the jackpot when it comes to meeting all of you.

My life is richer knowing and meeting each and every student.

I appreciate all of the teachers that apply to my studio and the students who come for their energy sessions. (You do not have to take yoga at the studio to get an energy session)

Thank you for allowing me the honor of teaching you.

Next subject.

New to Yoga

Many students are brand new to yoga. Yoga can be scary when you have never walked into a yoga studio before. The lights are left on at night and the window coverings are up so you can see inside of the studio before and after hours. Stop by and peak in.

New students come everyday and every week.

Everyone has their first class.

You are not alone.

Yoga is a moving meditation.

There is no mind control/brainwashing and no religion is observed or practiced.

I am teaching you a class and instruct you on body placement just like any other form of exercise/fitness postures or exercise program.

You can bring to your mind whatever you want to.

During times of small meditation you may pray if you want to or sit in silence. Yes, I Om (Aum) and chant, it's not pretty ~ but I do it with respect towards which the practice originates and I appreciate the symbolism it brings. Traditional practicing yogi's know this.

You do not have to observe this and sit in silence for those who do.

I can have a full class and I am the only one aum'ing.

I can make a suggestion (with the class types & postures aka asana's) and you do not have to take it.

You are your own person.

All faiths and non-faiths practice and come to Inhale Yoga.

You can take what you want from the class and throw the rest away.

Some people come to practice as purely a form of exercise while others combine body, mind and soul.

Next subject.

Taking the class that is right for me.

With so many styles and types of yoga, which class is best for me?

You need to talk to me (or email).

Anyone can take any class but the risk of injury can be great when you practice in a class that can highly challenge you and you are not use to it.

Sometimes private classes are the best. I will gear the class to what you want.

Private do cost more and group pricing is very attractive.

Do what is best for you and only you can make that choice.

You can try any class you want to.

These are your choices as a human being and all I can do is recommend what I feel what is best.

Do what your heart desires and what your body allows.

It's a practice to practice without ego.


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