There are all kinds of friendships. We get older and experience more and more kinds of people which can create life long friends or seasonal friends, yoga friends, coffee meeting friends and more.

Our interests change, life changes us which bring in new people all of the time.

Feeling lonely....... you not been a good friend to someone.......or just having a bad day, month or year in which our whole life dismantles can either isolate us or bring in new.

We have the best of intention in seeking out others who are like minded to us. Someone we can bond with.

Work friends, social friends, neighbors or school friends....when was the last time you reached out to your friends? (and you at times wonder why you have not heard from them)

Everyone can use a good friend.

Have YOU been the best person to the ones you feel close to?

Have you listened to them, been there for them or helped them out when no one else would?

Maybe they don't ever ask anything from anyone or you, but you threw yourself in to let them know you are there.

What is the meaning of friendship?

What do friends mean to you?

Will you allow anyone to get close to you and find who are really are?

Can you trust?

We have our moments as humans, we can make wrong choices and this includes who comes into our life and how dear we hold them to us.

We make a wrong choice friending this 'friend'.

Friends can either bring you up or down. You always want your circle of friends to be a positive force for you. They will bring you up and more.

Hopefully, never competing with who has what and how much it cost, rather 'hand me a tissue, I'm having a melt down' and you hold their hand as they cry their way through telling you. You share fun times, laughs and tell stories from the past which make you both smile. Like how you both met and who thought what of each other.

Can you end a friendship with someone who has done you wrong? Are you willing to make a wrong right?

We are all busy. Each and everyone of us has something going on in life.

Make the time to get to know someone.

Make the first step, it might feel a little awkward at first..... but worth it.


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