Being reduced to a box.

After hearing the news about the death of the famous designer, Kate Spade and as you all know me dealing with loss, I am wondering…….do we all fit into a box? Our life's memories or our life for that fact.

When our human life is gone and our loved ones wrap up our life, we can get reduced down to a box or....a large zip lock bag?

Today, I began putting things away from my dog.

I have reduced her most amazing, beautiful and wonderful life to a plastic bag!

I looked at the bag with tear filled eyes and began to wonder....can we all be reduced to a plastic bag?

We can't take nothing with us.

We came in with nothing and we leave with nothing.

It's in moments of everyday living that we MUST live life to the fullest.

Hearing of Kate Spades death just added to my wonderment about …… will we all be remembered?

The stuff is just stuff.

Life and living are more important right?

Do we cling to things?

Other people's things when they pass, are they as important to us than that person?

They are gone and we don't have them to talk to or have in our life anymore, but it's only stuff.

What value are we really putting on that person or Self for that matter?

Is it based on the expensive stuff they left behind, even those things that have little or no value but it was still theirs or just because we want the essence of them still with us's really us who can not cope with them being out of our life.

If you had to create your own box with your life in it, let's say a shoe box....what would be in it?

How would you want to be remembered ?

What would YOU put in it that you would want to be remembered by?

Do you really want to cling to that Kate Spade handbag because it's a Kate Spade or give it to a friend who would love it? It hasn't gained any more meaning, it's still as it was yesterday. Or did you give it importance for other reasons?

At this moment, right now, does that box with all of YOUR stuff in it mean anything to anyone in your life? WOW.

Eye opening.

It might not.

It's just our perception of our own life. People will remember us the way they want to.

These are important things to us not anyone else. We can't take it with us.

When we have pets, family or friends in our life that we love and or care about greatly, pleases make sure they know it.

Make sure that stuff isn't who you are.

Your belongings are not what you are, who you are and what you bring to the world, the community is what and who we are.

Reducing someone/something's whole life to a small amount that can be carried in your arms is hard to really think about.

We are more than what's in a box.

We just need to live like it.


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