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I met this wonderful woman yesterday at Costco over a bag of 'healthy' granola snacks. As we chatted about our food allergies she brought up, health. She asked if I went to a gym and the talk of yoga blossomed. Yoga. Who would of thought?

My passion …..and .......hers. She is Indian (born and raised in India) and didn't discover yoga until 10 years ago and she's 61 now.

She talked about all the asana's / poses she can get into. Her face lit up and joy came over her about how wonderful she felt after her classes, that yoga, mindfulness and meditation have become her lifestyle.

She is living the yoga life.

Kindness to self and others as well.

We talked as if we were old friends, who have not seen each other in years.

Bonding over a yoga and living. Her gaze into my eyes was lovely. as I spoke, she studied my face and told me she can tell it was my passion as I noticed it is hers also.

Yoga seems to bring out a lot of love in people.

Yoga seems to bring joy to people's lives.

Yoga seems to bring balance to life.

Yoga. Who would of thought?

It's funny what brings people together, a community of people who just want to live a good life, care about Self and care about each other.

We find each other everywhere.

We are all walks of life and lifestyle.

We are all ages.

Each different but with that common ground. Yoga.

We can sit in silence and still feel comfortable with no one speaking.

Yoga. Who would of thought?

We don't know each others names, but I bet if and when we see each other again in the future,

we will remember each other.


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