Just can't catch a break

Ever have one of those days where you just can't catch a break?

You know what I mean, everything goes wrong! You name it, it's happened to us and it seems like we have been targeted by the world.

Sometimes its not just a day, it's days, a week, months or even years.

One thing after another.

It keeps coming at us.

Yet.....we survive.

Sometimes, things have to fall apart so we can rebuild.

We rebuild and come back even better.

Going thru it is another story.

I had one of 'those days'.

I had the best of intention and it snow balled on me.

One thing after another as I tried my hardest to do the right thing and.....nothing was going right.

Words came out wrong or was misread by the other person.


I couldn't find a rock big enough to hide under.

The hole it seemed to me, got deeper and deeper....and it all started from a good intention.


I went to bed that night thinking if I can make it thru the next day it will all be better AND....the snow ball gained in size as my next day began.


I am at the point of shaking my head and wondering will it even be done.

I meant NO HARM but.....it takes one person to misunderstand and than BAM!

The snow ball was thrown and the rest is history.

Why me?

Well, why not me?

I need to rebuild something about my Self.

I think the intention was there but execution was poor looking back.

It all seemed right at the time .

I have went to this person and expressed skill level on that day.

It seems like my apology wasn't accepted or was accepted - not fully.

I can't make anyone accept or I can't un-do what was said or done.

All I can do is move forward in the most positive direction.

I am still under my rock starting to move out slowly with caution (afraid that the flying monkeys might have been unleashed on me) and hoping for the best.

it's all in how we handle it.

Before, during and after.

My clean up is fair to midway.

This could of been a lot worse by all means.

When you come from a place of love and it backfires on you, you feel bad, really bad.

That guilt alone can play a number on anyone.

Move ahead and learn.

I am moving forward with the best energy in the air as possible.


Life goes on and so do I!


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