Everyone has a day in which we get 'moody'.

However it comes about, it's there.

We are not feeling our best and will approach the day and others according to 'our mood'.

It's like a big hole and we are getting sucked into it and we don't see the light in our mood lifting.

As scary as it sounds we put our moods onto the ones who will take it.

We test the water.

We will show our Self and if that person is 'ok' with it, we unleash our Self.

We let go, little by little at times or in one big swoop.

We are hurting, we are upset and we feel like life is unfair and take it out in a passive aggressive way on others, or.………we don't feel well and put it on others.

Others feel better and...... we don't. We want others to feel our pain, our sadness, our grief or anger.

Trust me, if you are moody, it's most likely already showing.

Fast forward to the next day and we wonder why those people are not as welcoming today to us.

We can't figure it out.

How did we treat them yesterday?

Could an apology be in order or more than that? Saying sorry can be a blanket to cover the harshness.

Mean you are sorry.

Show them.

Were boundaries over stepped?

Even though the person you unleashed Self on is smiling, doesn't mean they don't have feelings too.

They are wondering when that other side of you will come out again.


We all screw up and we have all lived to talk about it.

Lesson learned.

Others will remain guarded depending on how bad we have unleashed Self onto them.

It takes time and trust.

If it was us, we might feel the same way.

Karma does work in mysterious ways.

Whatever our reasons for letting that side of us come out, we might have had a really good reason but the execution was poor of our actions.

Own it.

How can you make a wrong right?

How would you want it to be made right if it was you? Answer that and there you go. (be reasonable)

Moods can change as quick as a blink of an eye.

If you are unleashing your other side onto someone else, make it right.

Remember, what we put out there comes back to us tenfold.


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