Blog first, news to follow.

Blog first, news to follow.

Have you ever met someone or have known someone who out does you?

You share some news and they 'one up' you.

They will always have more than you, less than you or be in more pain or are in better health than you.

Why do we do that or why do others do that?

When we feel less than we will make our life better or worse than someone else's.

That person is no better or less than you. 

People feel less than at times for various reasons.

But are we not all valued?

In some way, shape or form we are a value to society, to friends, to family, etc.

We all have something we can contribute to life.

Each and every one of us. 

The next time someone tries to 'out do' you or you try to 'out do' some one else, step back.

For a quick moment, are they hurting?

Are you hurting?

What reason could it be that we do this?

We can only speculate on others but we can only be accountable for Self. 

When you have acknowledged Self in action, stop.

Do the turn around and allow them to share their joy with you.

If they don't share their joy with you, they will find someone else to share it with.

We don't want to miss out on the excitement for others.

Allow joy to happen, allow happiness to fill the air. 

At some point you will have some time away from them and sit back and ask your Self why you wanted to do that to them.

Why steal someone's thunder?

We wouldn't like it if it was us. 

Now for News:




August 31, Friday

September 1, Saturday

September 2, Sunday

Inhale Yoga will be closed - Ruth will be taking R&R.

September 3, Monday

Closed in observance of Labor Day




September 7, Friday there will be no 3:30PM class for that day only.

See Ruth with any concerns.

All other days, schedule will remain the same.




August 31, 2018 the Summer Special will end.

4 Months for $225.00

This can be purchased as a gift certificate to be used at a later time

(hint:  including the holidays)

This is for 4 consecutive months of unlimited yoga. 





Saturday, August 18, 10:30AM

Space is limited to 10 students.

Keisha is in yoga teacher training and she is practicing what she has learned. 

This class is for students brand new to yoga. 





12 Yoga Classes for $150

(Available as a gift certificate, non-transferable) 

This is for 12 yoga classes that need to be used by the end of 3 months. (90 days)

If you do not use them,  they are forfeited and no extensions are given. 

The 90 days begin when package is purchased.

Visit the webpage for more details.

If the classes are used up you can purchase additional or choose a different package option. 

This option is available immediately. 

This is a limited time offer. 


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