As each day passes, we age.

This is a fact.

We wake up and we see our first wrinkle, wonder why the eyes are so puffy or find our first grey hair.

Our body doesn't move like it use to and...…. how did this all happen so quick?

There are some mornings it ALL happens, more grey hairs, more wrinkles, can't move out of bed as easy as we once did or we see our parents within our Self even more or a resemblance to aging.

Our verbiage changes to: "I remember when" or 'back in the day" etc.

We dress a little different, we experiment with changing our looks back to youth.

Why are we so afraid of aging?

Haven't we earned this badge of honor bestowed to many and for some....they never get to experience this change in life.

Our children or nieces and nephews grown bigger, it seems like over night they grew suddenly.

Our kids grow and graduate school, move on with their life and out of our homes to experience their own.

Empty nest.

The house sounds quiet, there are no more messes in the house, we forget and still cook or buy more than we need to.

No one is fighting over hot water during those cold fall/winter mornings and there is still gas in the car since no one is there to 'borrow' it.


We are not use to all of this.

If you are a social media person, we look at our classmates photo's and see them age and wonder if it is happening to us.

It is.

We are all aging.

We all have to come to terms with this.

We grow.

Our kids grow.

Our life changes and it's learning for us to roll with it so we don't miss events as they unfold.

Our kids get married, have children or just move on with their lives.

They graduate from school and work for a promising company or create their own.

Looking back, it went by to fast.

We got caught up with the HS/College drama's of life and we got use to it.

We now get a chance to rediscover who we are.

Re-invent our Self.

We are older, but so is everyone else.

Aging is not a bad thing.

To be honest - I am the one who fights it.

I am still coming to terns with my kids being gone, more wrinkles, more grey hairs and everything else that comes with this time in my life.

I'm learning.

I have my good days where I can accept it with grace and other days when I'll see a picture of my kids when they were young and go back in my mind to that moment and remembering.

It happened it seems like in a blink of an eye.

Not really, but it has happened.

Lately with everyone's kids going off to college or the kids/grand kids going all to school, we can feel older every now and then.

Everything will be ok.

We are as young as we feel but with more wisdom than our younger days.

I'd rather have the wisdom and know.


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