Self Realization

Self Realization - fulfillment of one's potential.

What does that mean?

How often have we taken the time to find out who we are?

We give of our self freely to anyone who asks.

To our jobs, to our children & family.

Some might say they go running and that is for self, others have some other physical activity they go and do, but......we are actually clearing the 'junk' / stuff out of our heads to gain clarity.

You really haven't taken the time to settle the most important 'muscle' in our body. (Treat Your Brain Like a Muscle: Exercise It. Anatomically, your brain isn't a muscle; although it contains a bit of muscle, it's predominantly gray and white matter, with cellular structure and function far different (and more complex) than that of muscle.)

Running is just that …..running, movement. Reading time is...... reading.


Quiet time.


Quietly, no headset, no music.....just sit.

Feel the air on your face, the warmth of the day, the sun shining, anything...….feel your self being alive.

Breath and feel your self breath.

When was the last time if ever, you sat by your self?

In silence, just watching the thoughts that rumble thru our brains.

As an observer of our thoughts.

Watch them just go by.

Don't change the thoughts or the patterns but observe what goes thru our heads when we are at 'rest'.

Some thoughts bring emotion.

We can begin to feel stress over a thought.

Why would we let that happen?

Observing self is fun and interesting.

We can observe patterns of thoughts and behavior just while sitting in silence.

Some people can not (or do not want to) sit in silence due to the chatter of the mind.

They do not know how to control all of the inner noise.

It can be consuming to those who not know how to let it go.

They have trouble sleeping at times, thoughts that come flooding in, chores or tasks to do, always something on the mind.


Worrying over something, anything.

Are you a habit worrier?

We find something, anything to worry about.

It's not even ours and we will worry about it.

Why not begin journaling?

If it is that important for you to remember, write it down.

Write down your day and let it go.

Afraid of someone finding it or prefer to type it out?

Penzu is a free app. your thoughts can be locked away in a cloud and you can delete the journaling's as you go.

We let excuses happen.

We let our thoughts begin to give us ideas of why not to do it.

We want the peace of mind but it requires work.

People will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn this, go on a retreat somewhere exotic to learn how to let it go and quiet the monkey mind.

We come back to reality and it starts again.

You are not practicing what you have learned and spent all that money and time on.

Do you value your alone time?

You can do this in the privacy of your own home, too noisy at home?

Sit in your car and find the quiet.

Find any place is fine, just start.

Sitting down to bring clarity allows more wonderful, fulfilling thoughts to come in.

These thoughts bring you joy.

Potential possibly.

Joy comes from within, while happiness is to the physical.

(suggested reading: The Book of Joy by Desmond Tutu & The Dali Lama)

Sitting in silence, meditating on maybe just the sound of your self breathing.

Thoughts come flooding thru - come back to the sound of breath.

You might have to do this a thousand times when you first begin.

We have to begin somewhere.

Just like taking your first yoga class.

You have to begin somewhere.

Self Realization: Now you can fulfill your potential.

Do not know what your potential is?

Sit longer in silence and stop waiting for it to happen.

Allow quiet, the peacefulness that life has to offer you come to you.

What is your full potential?


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