Why me?

Why me?

Life goes wrong and the first thing a student will say to me is: "Why me?"

Why not you?

Because life happens doesn't mean it's bad.

We have to grow and at times and...... it's perpetual.

Why not you?

You are growing and lucky you, you get to learn.

Why would you think you are an exception to a life lesson?

We come out of situations hopefully with a little more education.

The school of hard knocks …..no one graduates from this school until our life says so.

The best thing about life is, it will keep happening 'to us' until we get 'it' in some way, shape or form.

Life lessons.

That's all it is.

This happens to everyone.

There are no exceptions.

Not one person on this planet is exempt from this school.

What makes the difference is what are we willing to do?

Are you willing to make changes in your life and in the lives of others?


Do you want to fight it?

Is the battle is better then the lesson?

I hate to tell you but it will happen again and again to varying degrees.

Everyone learns at a different pace.

Are you your story?

How many times will you repeat your story? If not out loud, then in your mind.

Would you make it sound worse the more you tell it for more effect?


We are NOT our stories.

At some point, letting go of the past has to happen in order for us to move on and heal.

We don't forget, we learn.

Make things right where you can, learn as you go, forgive and others will forgive you also.

Why not you?

Everything is going to be ok.

Don't create more of what is not.

Create the positive to a negative situation.

Teach others what you have learned and pass on to others your wisdom.

Stand strong and tall, chest forward being ready to take on the next life lesson.

Namaste _/\_

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