Mother Nature & Flash Hurricane Sale

Florence, the hurricane.

I have seen folks over the past few days get all bothered over this act of Mother Nature.

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Some have family in other states that they are worried about, while others have no clue on how this is going to affect us locally.

The forecast keeps changing and people begin to panic.

Fear of the unknown.

We don't know what can happen since it's not here yet.

Businesses closing for the day, school functions & events being cancelled and rightfully so.

It can make us all uneasy with the unknown.

At some point we need to trust that it's all going to be ok.

We might have to go thru clean up, reschedule events and plans and more.

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with.

She can be fiery and yet produce a beautifully delicate blossom.

We are all in this together.

We have our co-workers & neighbors, friends and family all being affected by Florence.

Our out-of-state family and friends are also concerned.

There is so much worry going on, that few are remaining positive.

Worry is a negative and dark, while positive is a light.

We need more light.

We need some positive thinkers who can help others get thru this all.

Lift someone up who might need some help.

FLASH Hurricane Sale

For Friday September 14, 2018 ONLY

6 classes for $75 and you have 2 months (60 days to use them).

That's $12.50 a class and a drop in class is normally $15

The special ends sometime Friday night.

(when Ruth goes to bed, lol)

Can be purchased as a gift certificate to be banked and used whenever you want to redeem.

(Gift certificates do not begin to expire until redeemed.)


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