Fall & The Full Moon

Fall is a time to shed the old.

The leaves fall so why not get rid of limiting beliefs?

As the trees begin to turn, the weather changes and the hint of the holidays begin to show, Self Reflection and a time to let go of the old should come. We are not the same from season to season. We can say that others don't change but either they get more angry, more mean or....the turn it around. They too get tired of themselves being like this and do not know where to begin.

Reach out! A trusted family member, friend, clergy or co-worker.

When can a person begin to change?


We sometimes think that a huge life occurrence needs to happen such as a job loss or death.

But that's not the case.

We can begin to change at anytime.

We are the only ones who hold ourselves back.

We have to declare it on social media on how we are changing?

We need to make sure people 'know' we are taking steps to change our life.

How necessary is this?

Why do we need to validate or declare our change.

Change comes from within and only your co-workers & loved ones will see the change.

Making it public can make you accountable, but it can also give you an excuse not to change.

Change is not easy and anyone can do it at any age.

It's work.

We have to want it badly enough.

We might fail a few times, we might try to make wrongs right in other's lives, keep trying.

Make it happen.

You will have to work hard on proving yourself to others if you wronged them.

Talk to them but become a person of action and show them.

it's never too late, it just takes work.

How bad do you want to change, is what it comes down to.

Fall is a great reminder to let go.

Let go of always being right.

Let go of out-doing others.

Let go of being nasty and moody.

Let go.

Find your true Self.

This can lead to happiness.


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