No excuses & Wednesday, October 17

Wednesday, October 17, there will no 6AM or 9:30AM classes.

The studio will be getting a new HVAC unit and duct work.

This unfortunately is weather pending by the HVAC company.

Fingers crossed they get it done all in one day and the weather cooperates for us.

If the studio is a mess the 2PM Chair class will be cancelled but I am hoping for the best with the clean up.

I will keep you all updated thru social media and my blogs. Any questions please let me know.

If you have purchased a 4 class package for $45 and this is the day you normally take class and at those times, contact me (Ruth) PRIOR to those classes being cancelled. (click on the picture above with the dog)

If you contact me after I can not help you with loosing that class.

Thank you


No excuses

We like to make excuses on why we can't come to yoga:

- I can't join yoga right now because there isn't a class for me

(well that's not true, I have a class for everyone and private classes for those unable to join in a group class or who prefer individual teaching)

- You only have gentle classes in the mornings.

(I have a gentle class every Wednesday night)

- I can't get up and down off the floor.

(There are 4 chair classes a week, including one 6AM class every Monday)

- I can't wear my iWatch or Fitbit

(True! You are giving your Self one hour to get unplugged) Visit the Studio Etiquette page on the website.

- Yoga is a religion

(Not true, yoga is a science. No religion is brought into the studio and anyone of any faith or non-faith is welcome. Yoga doesn't care, it just wants you to show up.

- I am not flexible

(We practice bringing flexibility and strength to our bodies, not everyone can touch their toes and it's a journey.

You will look around and realize you are not the only one.

The list can go on and on with reasons why not.

Fall is the time to let go.

Let's get go of limiting beliefs.

Anyone can do anything they set their mind to.

Everyone does things differently.

No all postures/poses/asanas will look the same.

It's perfect for us … and … as long as we feel good about Self is all that matters.

What are your excuses?

Can you let go of limiting beliefs?

Are you willing?


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