Holiday's and stopping life

There are times when we just want everything to stop!

Stress ~ being overwhelmed ~ just tired.

Things are not going right, life is happening too fast and they can't catch their breath or everything is falling into place and the thoughts of things happening ...... scares some people.


What about allowing life to do what it's suppose to do?

Didn't we create all of this in someway, shape or form?

Is it yours are did you jump into someone else's business since your own life seemed dull and needed some excitement?


Something to think about.

Is what we are experiencing for us?

Or did you jump into someone else's drama?

Are you lacking something in your life?

We will add more to our busy life because we want to save the world, we want to help, we want to create change......

Are we wanting to feel needed and loved?

Are you paying the price for overdoing it?

What if you put it all aside for one day?

What would happen?

With the holidays now approaching stress levels can grow.

We take on entertaining, more of a work load and over obligate our Self to parties, gatherings or allow our Self to remain at home and go no where.

We complain we are alone or we complain we are too busy.

Carve some time out for your Self.

Do something that requires you to connect with your Self again.

A long walk at a park or thru a beautiful neighborhood, coffee with a new friend or old, how about a yoga class or a day where you can go and just gather your thoughts.

The holidays are a time for remembering Self and family.

Not for the more expensive gifts or the fanciest dinners.

Schedule some time to help out the homeless, help at food banks or shelters, do random acts of kindness and leave gifts for those families at their doorstep.

Go to an adult living facility, some folks never have visitors, find them and go sit with them.

Spend time at animal shelters and give love to those who have not found their forever home.

Love to decorate?

Help churches get ready for their holiday festivities.

Who can't use donated time?

You don't know until you ask.

Helping others in constructive ways, help us heal in our own life.

This is why we love to get into others people's drama.

We want to be and feel needed and we are.

Construct a holiday plan and move forward with it.

Namaste _/\_

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