Happy New Years Eve

Wow, yet another year has passed by us.

The changes that we have all experienced.

We've been through a lot, some more than others.

Everyone has changed in someway, shape or form.

We are not the same people we once were this time last year.

People have come and go in our lives, life has sometimes fell apart and others it all came together.

We changed jobs, had children, etc.

We are amazing.

This year there is a one year challenge.

You forgot to get your jar? Begin writing anyways.

Visit the dollar store, they have many jars, boxes or even bags for you to store your happiness happenings in it.

Journal it, everyday write something good that has happened.

Remember, it those little things that can make us smile.

How about a day where everything goes right, you slept well, etc.

You can decorate your jar, send me your photo and I'll post it.

This encourages others to do the same.

Inspire someone.

Now it's time to get a hold of our health.

Begin somewhere.

We are designed to move.


Walk, see you in your first yoga class, anything......but move everyday.

We have no excuses.

Tired isn't an excuse.

We need to carve out time for Self or Self gets neglected and it suffers.

We end up right where we are this time next year, wishing we would of, could of.....

Be the change you want to be!

To give you a boost or someone you know a little helping hand, I am offering New Years Eve and New Years Day (up until approx. 8-9pm Jan. 1) Special.

2 classes for $25.

They MUST be used within 2 weeks.

The time will not be extended past the two weeks!

This is unlimited in how many you can buy.

To save these for later, select THIS IS A GIFT!

This will bank them for you or someone else.

If you buy these as a gift, make sure the address you put down is the correct address I will mail the gift certificate to.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Stay safe and enjoy your new day.

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