The Rogue Yogi

Urban dictionary carries the definition of “go rogue” as “to cease to follow orders; to act on one's own, usually against expectation or instruction. To pursue one's own interests.

Yesterday was a day where I have many, many rogue yogi's.

I get you don't want to go to a gym, but Inhale is all yoga...…. group taught yoga.

What is a rogue yogi? A yogi who does their own thing in class.

Hey, I'm all for getting the most out of your yoga class, however if you sign up for a gentle class, even a zesty class, you follow the teacher.

Variations of the same pose? Totally cool.

Pounding out as many push-ups as you can in between poses/asana's NOT COOL!

This isn't a gym or fitness center. There you can walk away from a class or do whatever you want.

You don't sign up for a class on knitting and someone decides to read a book instead.

If it was you holding a meeting and you expect everyone to look like they are paying attention, instead of someone on their cell phone texting or putting earphones in and cancelling you out only to look up in an obligatory manner.

Inhale Yoga is a traditional yoga studio.

Inhale is NOT a gym or fitness center. You will find NO weights, rowing machines, mirrors, etc. It's all yoga..... a yoga studio.

Group taught classes are at Inhale. Variations of the SAME pose we are in, yep, go for it.

If I'm teaching Surya Namaskar A and you decide you want to do Ashtanga Primary series - NOT COOL! Inhale isn't for you. You need to find what YOU need and are wanting from yoga.

This is on my etiquette page also of the website. Classes are described and if you are unsure, ask.

Students with health related issues may not be able to get into poses.

They are an exception, they must and have to do something closely related. I have worked with these students, they know who they are.

Yoga at Inhale IS NOT TRENDY.

I teach traditional yoga.

If you want more like HIIT style take those classes. Yoga is wonderful to go with those types of classes.

I do not teach Pilates, HIIT, Aerobics, etc.

I teach traditional yoga.

If you are wanting more...…… need to find those classes that offer that to you, I can not stress that enough.

Going rogue in class, especially when I announce the asana's/poses goes to disrespecting me.

I take the time in planning classes for everyone.

Again, variations of the same pose - yes go for it!

There are studio's & centers out there that allow you to be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and do whatever you want.

They teach it and.....they are not watching you for alignment, nor are they traditional teachers.

Stepping, hopping or walking the feet forward and you decide you are going to jump, hop into a handstand - Not cool.

Going and doing your own thing, sometimes gives other students the permission to begin doing the same.

This is what seemed to have happened yesterday.

Please follow the classes taught.

If you want a private classes to do more, please make arrangements with me to do that.

Private classes are $70 an hour or their are packages available.

I'm not an Ashtanga trained traditional teacher.

I am trained in Vinyasa, Yin, Gentle, Meditation (and the list goes on) with a Hatha background.

I honor the roots of yoga and the beautiful tradition it brings to our bodies, mind and soul.

Please honor as I teach - as I honor YOU as you walk thru my door.




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