Not just for Decorating.

The wall.

Mostly used in most business to separate space, decorate, etc.

At Inhale Yoga, the wall will become a class beginning in February!!

The 6AM Wake Up class on Friday's will become the Wall Yin Class

along with

the 3:30PM Friday class (which used to be a Yin Class) .

(classes already on the schedule for Febraury) pdf not available...yet.

The picture above circa 2015 is a sample of a wall yin class.

This was at the first Inhale Yoga location when I opened in 2015.

The class has become very popular.

Deep Intense stretching with a relaxng element to it.

If the class continues to have a great turn out, it will remain on the schedule.

February will be a trial month.


With the weather getting colder please dress in layers if you feel cold in class (or until you warm up) , you may bring socks for deep relaxation, a long sleeve shirt, etc. There are also many blankets for deep relaxation.

The studio is kept at a moderate temperature (in the winter and summer)


it's very hard to please everyone's needs with hot and cold.

Thank you ALL!


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