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My friend sent me link to a blog that James Brown wrote.

Yoga Alliance, A National Yoga Teacher Registry.

The more I see new teachers getting certifications, the social media that has exploited yoga asana's/postures for fame, for money, for 'likes', because they have hypermobility in their joints leaving those who don't, trying poses when their bodies are not ready to get into.

Those teachers are vast. Some teachers are allowing 'whatever feels best' in their classes since students are demanding to be given the freedom to do poses that push them to their limits and beyond.

Who is teaching this class? The students or the teacher?

Those classes lack the structure of a yoga class. Teachers fear adjustments or over adjust when they are not listening to their students who are in pain or being challenged too far. Some teachers never even look at their students. They are trying to remember their class and just give asana after asana and don't ever look at them, let alone adjust them. They are fearful. They either don't want to adjust, fear of adjusting or fear in having a student want more and they do not know how to teach them.

Teachers need continuing education.

We should put it on our Self, to keep us educated. Not in trendy yoga, yoga sculpting, goat yoga, water yoga, hot yoga, etc. but in yoga tradition, philosophy, asana and anatomy.

Call it what it is but, yoga + anything you want to name = $$$$. Someone or place, somewhere is getting a kickback from all of this trendy 'yoga'. These are exercises using asana names and saying it's yoga. (and you can get trendy yoga TT from YA)

Krishnamacharya (click on the name for more info) would probably cringe at what he saw and say it's not yoga. Those great yoga masters taught us a tradition and we sought them out to learn. Sure evolution happens in life but somethings should remain has time honored. As Westerners we will travel to India to be taught tradition and come back and obliterate what we learn. Traditionalists are few and far between. It becomes more acrobatic and/ or contortion. Classes traditionally are 90 minutes long, most students have very busy lives and can not or do not want to accommodate a long class.

We get caught back up in the Western ways of life again. There are many other areas in life in which tradition has gone down to tube - to have a more modern way of doing things. (Learn a new way to getting into a pose, not coming up with new poses and changing the names) This is for seeking popularity, fame and fortune. Nothing wrong with earning a living, but don't piggyback on a time honored tradition.

Yet, we seek out...... when we feel lost, someone with wisdom and tradition. We seek advice, we seek guidance when we feel we just can't figure life out or need a break, go live at a Ashram when we need clarity to come back and get caught back up in life. They sought out tradition for answers yet turned the back on it once it gave them clarity.


Hypermobile students need to be taught differently and a trained teacher will see that those students need to protect their joints instead of pushing them to their limits or showing them off in class.


Ego will push teachers to allow students to take over their class.

Ego will also allow students to go way past their limits and then blame yoga for injury.

I have many new students ask me on why I didn't teach a headstand, shoulderstand or handstand in every single class (some expect it in every class- See me for private classes)

Not everyone can do these postures/asana's. I teach to many body styles and health conditions. A group setting.

It's knowing what to teach and when.

Lack of knowledge: Inversions - what are they?

Inversions are asanas in yoga that take you upside down. (Your head goes below your heart) They bring the hips higher than the heart and the heart higher than the head; they are an integral part of a yoga practice. There's an inversion for every level in yoga.

There are inversions in everyone of my classes, it might not be the one you want, but it is there.

It's new yogi's without the knowledge, asking me if I teach inversions, when they had many in one class. (yes modifications are offered) Inversions promote blood flow and calming the nervous system.

When you go thru yoga teacher training you are taught or should be taught the 8 limbs of yoga. These are also the tenants of Inhale Yoga.

I try to live my life by them and yes I do fail.

I try again.

I have day after day to keep trying. I am not perfect and I have a lifetime to make corrections and restart my life.

Why bring the 8 limbs up?

Teachers forget them.

They forget no harm to them self and to others (it' not just being vegan and not harming animals).

Putting students in harms way because of a wild yoga pose or wanting to show off for students for ooooh's and awwwww's isn't teaching yoga.


Coming in Februaray - Wall Yin.

Friday's 6:00AM & 3:30PM.

If all goes well in February this will be added to the schedule every month. Paulie Zink, founder of this increasingly popular practice, has been teaching Yin for over 40 years, he is the founder of yin yoga and the health benefits are amazing from increased flexibility to releasing stress , tension and tightness in the body.

Yin is very slow moving, holding asana's / postures for 3-5 minutes and using props if needed.

If you like to wear socks to class for the wall class please make sure they are white or very light colored socks.


These are just my opinions and like everyone in this world, I have my own and they have theirs.

My opinion is in a general observance over the years and from other yoga teachers.


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