In other words.....

In other words:

Never mind

Don't bother

Don't concern yourself

Drop it.

Ignore it.

It doesn't matter.

It's all right.

Nothing. Stop.

Let it go.

How much do you hold on to?

How much do you 'like' to hold onto?

I'm not talking about stuff, material possessions, I'm talking about stress, grief, pain, anger, etc.

We can make these our stories.

They become our life.

We don't know how to be happy, I mean really happy, not surface happy that everyone sees.

The happiness that comes from within that makes you glow.

What do you mean you haven't felt that way (happy) in a long time?

Well, no time like the present.

We wait to make changes because: its Wednesday and we can't do anything since it's not Sunday or Monday.

We can't make a change since it's winter and not spring.

We can't make a change since I wore this outfit today and this is not a good outfit for me to make any sort of changes in.

Really? Yes you can change over night - yes you can change in a heartbeat, but those old stories we are allowing - are stronger then a new way.

We have just limited our Self.

We have limiting beliefs.

A belief is a thought you keep thinking.

In other really don't want to change.

The story you hold is better then really being happy OR we then a have to face a new way of thinking OR


We can all change.

We can will make us change at times.

Some folks love events or drama to happen, this feeds them.

They become this newer story and still hold onto the old ones.

They pile their stories up and pull from the closet of limiting beliefs which story will fit a certain situation better...……….instead of letting them all go and becoming a newer, happier you.

So you want to change:


that requires work

and you're too tired of the way you are

and the way others treat you

but you won't do anything about it?

What's your pay off?

You get something from being this way.

We get our ego's fed or others to say 'poor you' .... or something to that nature.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.

Begin at any time. Life is way to short to be nothing but happy. Worried about a job, why not begin writing out things you want from a new job, begin seeing yourself getting lots of job offers. Nonsense? Not really, you are being positive about what you want. Is what you are doing now working for you, try it. Not a day, a week, as long as it takes to get you what you want.

Look in the mirror, would you hire you? Are you frowning? How do you really see your Self?

Time to begin.

Reach out and talk to someone, a friend, family, clergy, someone you feel close to. Ask them their advice, doesn't mean you'll take it but it will give you a new prospective. Fresh eyes on an old situation.

Everything is going to be ok.

It is.

Change is perpetual. It's what choice we make to do something about it.