Reaching out

When a hand is extended out you normally will either reach for hand shake or to grab it to hold onto.

I have THEE best students!!

It all started with one student offering to buy someone who is in need of yoga due to financial reasons a months worth of classes.

This went to someone else matching it and it has caught on.

I have many months of yoga to offer someone who misses their practice due to financial reasons.

All of these donors want to remain anonymous.

THANK YOU all for your generous contributions to others!!!!!

In 2010 I was laid off from work.

I began my practice in 1999.

I couldnt find a yoga studio let alone a yoga class anywhere that could fit my budget or the hours and times didn't work for me.

My practice suffered, but I kept trying to find a place.

I was laid off from work for almost 2 years.

It's not that I couldn't do this at home, it was that I needed to be with others. I loved the energy in the room.

To sit on a class where the vibes are calming, the wonderful conversations with the folks sitting next to you as we gather to do this thing called yoga.

I called many places and visited with others in those months. Nothing.

Inhale Yoga would like to make this permanent with students helping other students.

I know how I felt back then.

I have created a donation option of one month ($70)

and an ongoing donation monthly on auto withdrawal from a debit or credit card (cancel anytime)

Do you know of someone who has a practice and can not afford it?

A yogi going thru a rough time ?

This is not for someone who has never practiced before, this is for practicing yogis.


Their full name,

email address,

phone number


why they should receive a free month

(30 consecutive days of unlimited yoga)

Please share this email with others, pass on the good vibes, share the link on your social media page and help out others who can use their practice back in their life.

Keeping this program going will depend on the donations.

I am matching the donations. For everyone one bought, I am going to give away a month free also.

Let's keep the good vibes going.



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