I don't know where to begin!

Inhale Yoga has begun to carry a little retail.

Mala's by Lovetree Co and crystals.

(pictured below)

Some crystals pictured have been sold.

Contact Ruth or stop by the studio to view these beauties.

Crystals can be used for décor, meditation space/rooms, office or anywhere you want to bring beauty and/or peace.

Metaphysics & energy workers use crystals in their work.

I don't know where to begin!

In creating your mediation / yoga space, some like to have things that bring peace to them. They have all of their yoga supplies, they can create an altar or sacred space for things that have meaning. A cross perhaps, crystals for either beauty or their metaphysical meaning, flowers/plants and incense. (this space is limitless) You can add anything you want to it that means something to you.

With all of this in mind let's begin:

-You need to find your space. (a deck/porch or sitting area if not a room)

-A quiet space where you can sit and gather your thoughts, breathe and/or practice your yoga.

-Clean and declutter your new space.

-Bring something from nature to your space, flowers, rocks, crystals even plants.

-Soft music that resonates with peacefulness to you. If silence is better go with silence.

-Some like some aromatherapy, essential oils diffusers, incense or nothing at all.

-Fresh air is important, if no windows are available in this space, maybe a small fan to circulate the air.

-If you have a special room maybe paint it a soothing color.

-Photo's of loved ones who bring joy to your life.

You might have all of these items or just a space on the couch and a window you can gaze out.


Crystals can be held in your hands along with your mala / prayer beads if you want.

Pictured below: a labradorite and amethyst mala (center)

to the left of picture: clear quartz and moonstone with pearl

to the far left: Bloodstone

Contact Ruth for availability of mala's. Inventory is always changing.

There is nothing set in stone on how your meditation space should be.

What crystals do I pick?

Easy.....hold one and see if feels good in your hands when you hold it.

It is visually appealing to you?

Can it make you smile or remind you of something that makes you happy?

Amethyst is known for it's soothing color and is used in most yoga studio's (Inhale Yoga's first studio was purple!)

You might just like the look of the amethyst. (Do not place in a window, colors can fade)

Clear quartz will bring clarity, more light and can be placed in a window. Etc.

The easiest way to find the healing properties of crystals is go to google and type in: healing properties of (name of the stone) and all kinds of info with come up. (Or check out my past blogs.)

Your meditation room/space is your space for clarity, to sit alone, meditate or practice your yoga.

There is no wrong.

Crystals can also be used in your décor (at home and office) as accent pieces or even as paperweights in an office, etc.

Just because they're pretty!



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