Spring is the time of new

This is a great season to begin something new....like ...…. a yoga class.

Just walking thru the door, setting up a consultation with me or just stopping by to look inside the studio can be scary for some.

Taking the time out for your self.

Recharging your batteries with a yoga class.

Better sleep, working out the stress and tension of the day and meeting new friends.

We make excuses.

When we can't take the time out for our self - we are depriving our self of one hour of clearing the craziness of the day, clearing the stress of the day as we work it out on our yoga mats.

I've seen many friendships happen at Inhale Yoga.

It can go past the studio and friends stop and meet for coffee before or after class.

Sharing stories of their lives and find common grounds to chat about.

They worry when they don't see their buddy in class, they check on them and support them when they are going thru a rough time.

Yoga brings people together even if it's for that one hour.

Students can feel accomplished after a class, we can feel like we learned something new, we feel we made a new friend.

Some classes can challenge you.

Don't give up.

We try new things and see how well we do.

Some days are good while other days leave much to be desired.

Need more encouragement? Bring a friend or make a new friend next to you in class. Help each other out.

Time to let the excuses go.

Come on in........... everything is going to be alright _/\_


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