Mother's Day Special

Don't know what to get Mom for Mother's Day?

The gift of YOGA!

One class is regularly $15......

Mother's Day Special - one class is $10!


This is good for 15 days after purchase,

NOT one month like the regular drop in price of $15.

No exceptins please.

- Purchase as a GIFT CERTIFICATE to use for later!

Check the box 'this is a gift'

- There is no limit as to how many you can buy.

- If you purchase it now, it will begin to expire.

You can do that as long as you know it will be used within 15 days from purchase date.

If not, purchase as a GIFT CERTIFICATE please.






If you need a paper gift certificate, contact Ruth and you can stop by the studio for it.

If you can not, an email version is available for you to print out and present to them.

Don't want to give yoga or something more then yoga?

Mala's are available.

Not all in the photo are available.

Stop by or contact Ruth for further information.


#MothersDay #InhaleYoga #RuthAnnDunkerly

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